Joshua R. Bratka   Charleston, West Virginia, United States
Please don't randomly add me, So please leave a message below before you do so i can have an idea of what you may need.
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Tco Mar 31 @ 2:16pm 
I was wondering if you could help me on how to model and maybe give me some tips? I would really like to make something even if it doesn't get accepted on the tf2 workshop! Thanks
The Great Assassin [FY] Nov 12, 2017 @ 8:11am 
thanks for making my favorite sniper hat ^-^
KaiBR Nov 9, 2017 @ 9:35pm 
Few questions about Arms Race. <3
Dr. Love Cat Oct 11, 2017 @ 9:28am 
Got a question for you
Bloody SPY! Aug 19, 2017 @ 8:20am 
Nice job on Arms Race 3
Pat Aug 19, 2017 @ 7:23am 
You son of a bitch, I remember back on the Mindless Group servers when your first accepted item was the Brim Full of Bullets, then years later I see your name on one of the arm's race weapons, I'm happy for you, keep it up!