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"I think we need to judge the game as what's given to us and not what we should have gotten."
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I have yet to complete this game, but it is a definite recommend. Let me explain..


At its core, the game is defined as a Metroidvania. What it feels like is a mix between Dark Souls, Zelda, and at times, Mega Man.

There is an experience system and a skill tree as you level up, along with accessories you can equip to enhance your experience. Some items may reveal an enemy's health, give you stat bonuses, or provide a debuff to your attacker when you take damage.

There's also a shop where you can buy maps to help you explore the realm, along with "reload" stations for potions and mana.

There are three game modes and available job classes to choose from.

    Game Modes
  • Explorer
    The easy(?) mode of the three, intended for the player to enjoy the story and have a less difficult time playing through the game.
  • Soldier
    The standard/normal mode. Soldier gives enough edge to the difficulty for you to slightly struggle if you're not a metroidvania veteran. It provides enough of a challenge while still progressing through the game's story at a steady pace.
  • Warrior
    The hard mode for experienced players. 2D Dark Souls? 2D Dark Souls.

    Job Classes - ALL classes have a dodge roll.
  • Scout
    The game is definitely balanced around this class. It was the class they showcased in the demo, and it's 100% the class they put the most love into. The Scout is a close-ranged fighter with a sword (Light, Heavy attacks) and shield (Block, parry). Their stats are balanced with low mana, so use your skills when you feel the need to.
  • Archer
    A ranged class, the Archer shoots from a far distance with their bow and can use it like a boomerang in place of the Scout's "heavy" attacks. Their blocking is not as good as the Scout's (a bow vs a shield), but distance is considered a great tradeoff. It's extremely recommended to try and keep your distance as Archers will be heavily punished in close combat.
  • Caster
    Mages. Who doesn't love mages? Not only are Casters the highest damage dealing class, but they are also ranged. Their heavy attack has short range (high risk, high reward), and they also have the lowest health pool in the game. Casters are [probably] for more experienced players.


The graphics are fun, stylish, and right up the alley of anyone looking for a classic, nostalgic GBA feel. The animations are smooth as heck and a chefs kiss with the sprite style.
    Everything is pixel art!
  • Characters are well drawn and animated with beautiful pixel portraits during dialogues. Classes don't reuse animations!
  • The maps are fantastically themed and crafted (A lot of platformers suffer from poor map design, whether it's poor object placement, tiles, etc), with appropriate enemies placed in the respective locations.
  • The HUD is visually appealing for the game style, and the icons in the menus are incredible.
RF did amazing in the graphics department, hitting that nostalgic itch with a modern twist!


Will Savino did a fantastic job with the OST of Souldiers. Each song fits the situation where it's placed; whether it's a dialogue, an area, or a boss fight (Extreme Vigor is probably one of the best tracks in this game).

The calming, yet adventurous feeling of plains/forests.
The feeling of relief and exploration when you're in a new city.
The high energy of an intense fight.

Not once did it feel like a track didn't belong. It fits with the theme of the game, as well as its intended genre.


Have yet to complete the game, don't even think I'm close either.
I've just about past the "cookie-cutter" story and entered the beginning of the deep part of the story. It's one of those games. May or may not update this part.


A definite recommend. The game provides enough challenge, adventure, and exploration to add up to a fun experience. Souldiers is a beautiful 2D pixel game (akin to the GBA era) and the music provided by Will Savino complements it very well. I believe anyone who appreciates a mysterious story, RPG elements, beautiful sprite art/animations, and 2D platforming will absolutely LOVE this game.
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