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And just when he had polled the crowd and swore he'd won the fight - We rocked his butt with a 12 inch cut called DISCO KRYPTONITE

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Add me I wanna talk!
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+rep Amazing person
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hello sir . please help me i got scammed i lost my 250$+ hope you help me :( im 12 years old only please . this link please report this :(
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May your swords stay sharp legendary Gregori:dsham:
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Hello, I'm having trouble .
Recently there was a massive ban of players in CS: GO. Banned more than 60,000 players. I have a lock on this account from the Patrol. Inventory for the amount of 13,000 RUB , more than three thousand hours in the game, 50 level in Steam, long service - 3 years. I on this account never played with cheats, because it's the main one. About a week ago there was a massive ban of players who used cheats and a skinhead. I never used anything forbidden. Please reconsider this account!