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After widely praised Dishonored 1 and 2, Arkane Studios brought us a new game that wasn't exactly what we were hoping for in the first place but ended up being an incredibly immersive and remarkable experience throughout the whole playthrough.


- Incredible immersive and unforgettable experience
- Atmosphere is nailed on
- Great characters and voice acting
- Mick Gordon as the composer of the soundtrack


- Audio overlapping, inconsistent framerate in one area
- Minimal variety in enemy types


If you are a fan of immersive sims, great story till the end, interesting gameplay and amazing atmosphere that Prey provides, this game is definitely ProperValue for your money even at a full price.


After almost 10 years long development, first Prey received praises all around, and the sequel that was already in works, it ended up being delayed and eventually completely canceled.
Fast forward few years later, new Prey game gets announced scrapping the idea of a galactic bounty hunter showing us a, what ended up being, inspiring FPS shooter set in space on station Talos 1 featuring Morgan Yu fighting against hostile aliens named Typhon.


Prey takes place in 2023 where main protagonist Morgan Yu joins his brother's research team called TranStar on space station Talos I.
While taking tests in order to join the TranStar team, Morgan Yu is asked to take series of tests before hopping aboard. During these tests, a huge plot is revealed shaking the whole game and creating a great set up for what's about to be a fantastic journey.
Prey's rich assessment of side quests, audio logs and quests will give you a complete and unprecedented story of a Talos space station and its inhabitants.
Taking an inspiration from titles such as System Shock and Bioshock Infinite, Prey doesn't shy away at presenting itself in its best light featuring strong story, character build-up and interesting gameplay that holds even after many hours spent wandering the station in search of supplies and loot.


Right off the bat, Prey puts you in control of at first, helpless Morgan Yu left to fight the strange and scary creatures with only a wrench at your disposal. The imperative is put on exploring and creating your path to the objective experiencing the survival in the very first beginnings of the game.

As you progress and explore, you'll discover various different weapons, such as shotgun, pistol, Q-beam and others with an emphasis on a weapon called Gloo Cannon. This weapon although later on rather weak compared to the options you'll discover, will prove to be very useful and important in not only defending yourself from the creatures that stand in your way but also in creating pathways in order to avoid different obstacles that would otherwise require a certain skill such as Hacking or Lifting.
As is tradition in Dishonored, Prey allows your imagination to bring the battle the best way you think it's possible for you, either going stealthy and sneaking your way through or head on, beating everyone that stands in your way. The variation in enemies is lacking and certainly one of the weaker aspects of the game, but that doesn't take away the setting and atmosphere that Prey successfully sets and holds even when you're feeling the strongest. The scarce in weapons, ammunition and health packs will certainly question your every move and decision to deter from your path.

Backtracking in the game was never more satisfying and rewarding as doing so not only expands your knowledge of the crew and station overall, but it also brings worthwhile rewards that will make every one of your trips worth the trouble.


Created by famous Mick Gordon who wears title of a proud compositor of all-hailed DOOM soundtrack, he brings something incredible to life with great soundtrack placed in perfect places at a perfect time when the tension is at its peak, or when the battle with Typhons is momentarily over. Given that you listen to a lot of audio-logs throughout the game, voice-acting is top-notch and it certainly elevates your experience on another level.

Game, unfortunately, isn't without its flaws, and although having near perfect execution, occasional but very rare FPS drops, annoying audio overlays and lack of enemies leave this game at a solid 9/10 rate.

If you are a fan on immersive sims, great story till the end, interesting gameplay and amazing atmosphere that Prey provides, this game is definitely ProperValue for your money even at a full price.

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