Niedersachsen, Germany
Hello, I'm Simon. Self-taught developer in C#/PHP/JS, Tech enthusiast and sometimes I even play so-called "video-games". :facepunch:

Oh and I have a small Unturned server network, maybe we will meet sometime. :turned:

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i cheat in csgo Jul 20 @ 2:10pm 
Simon i need to talk to you urgently
Its about your server, accept when you can
Łukasz Balcerak May 10 @ 9:42am 
acc pls
Golon May 9 @ 10:56pm 
acc pls
Charlie May 1 @ 3:51pm 
Hey I added you to ask a question about feex hitman. Where can I find the permissions for hitman right now I've got
What are the perms for a hitman to receive payout and bounty. You can add me on discord or message me on steam the answer.
My discord is Charlie.#1073
acc pls
Łukasz Balcerak Apr 13 @ 4:45am 
Acc pls