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Plurry 5 nov, ore 9:42 
Flimsy 2 nov, ore 3:52 
Dang you got me
☼Bug☼ 1 nov, ore 23:14 
remember when I stole your kill pugna after I TP'd to the fountain, haha get meme'd on kiddo, then darkwillow rq xdddd
Cieux 30 ott, ore 18:47 
I've been . . busy, to say the least !
life tossed everything it could at me, all at once

but medically I've been doing much better; I've started going back to university . .
it's been exciting, having a body that actually works.

I'm glad you've been doing well though !
forgot how I landed back here on your profile, but it brought back so many memories.
Flimsy 30 ott, ore 6:08 
I've been okay, nothing exciting unfortunately. How have you been this whole time?
Cieux 29 ott, ore 18:57 
I hope you've been taking care of yourself flimflam;