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Plurry 11月5日 9時42分 
Flimsy 11月2日 3時52分 
Dang you got me
☼Bug☼ 11月1日 23時14分 
remember when I stole your kill pugna after I TP'd to the fountain, haha get meme'd on kiddo, then darkwillow rq xdddd
Cieux 10月30日 18時47分 
I've been . . busy, to say the least !
life tossed everything it could at me, all at once

but medically I've been doing much better; I've started going back to university . .
it's been exciting, having a body that actually works.

I'm glad you've been doing well though !
forgot how I landed back here on your profile, but it brought back so many memories.
Flimsy 10月30日 6時08分 
I've been okay, nothing exciting unfortunately. How have you been this whole time?
Cieux 10月29日 18時57分 
I hope you've been taking care of yourself flimflam;