Hello, I do not have any free games for you, sorry. :) Also not interested in your phishing link. :)

If I don't recognise your picture from somewhere, you should probably write a message... :)

Try SteamTrade Matcher [] if it's about cards, or otherwise. But any gifts are probably for giveaways @ SteamGifts [].
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xyymx Jul 4 @ 9:45am 
hi fiftykyu. Please accept. you best profile. you 1000K hours on dark souls very nice. I play dark souls ps3. My character sl1 ng+15 and sl150 ng+30 :rbiggrin:
Traqie Jun 25 @ 6:55pm 
Just buy all the cheapest bundles on indiegala, groupes etc and you too can become "collector" 😂😂😂
Chabo Jun 22 @ 5:45pm 
just wanted to chat about game collecting and maybe you can give some tips to someone looking to get into it
Stephanie Amend Jun 17 @ 4:10pm 
+rep you might not remember me but you have helped me so much through out my life and i would like to say thnk you for that (: youre a great person and i hope you cna plus rep me back
Mattei Jun 11 @ 8:25pm 
you have 12875 games if you play a game a day it will take 35 years and 100 days to play everyone, let's say that you work and play only on the weekend and the year has 53 weekends, so it would take you 106 years and 40 days to play them all
Silver Jun 9 @ 4:26pm 
Don't mind me. Just making my way through while I look for that hidden link for your second mystery giveaway I saw on your account ;)