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Q.U.B.E., Portal but different.

Q.U.B.E. is a wonderful little thing that takes a bit of inspiration from portal through its mechanics and setting and puts out a solid 3 hours of puzzling and interesting puzzles and plot. In this game you get plonked into a room wearing some form of suit that has the power of interacting with the blocks (Or should I say, Q.U.B.E.s) that you come across. There are various types with various applications and they make up the puzzles.

Gameplaywise, this game is excellent and makes you wish for more, as these mechanics feel like they could be expanded upon a lot, or complicated in a lot more ways than the game actually does. It never gets stale during the 3 hours or so you'll end up spending in it, and difficulty hikes up well. There is one puzzle that spikes in difficulty way too much, however, and it slightly ruins the pace of the game. The bugs this game has are minor, and none are gamebreaking. All in all, gameplaywise, this game is very solid.

Storywise, this game is lacking a bit. There's some nice storytelling done, making you question what to believe, but it also sets itself up for you to end it in the way you want it to. Unfortunately, the developers did not include a second ending route for you to take, and you're forced to go with one character's will. This little bit completely messes up the story, as whatever you do, whatever you think, it's all linear.
It's still enjoyable however, and the time you spend thinking about everything whilst solving puzzles is bound to be a great one if you're into these types of games.

The biggest issue I personally had with this game was the default pricepoint. I can live with 3 hour games, definitely. This game, however, charged too much for the 3 hours it can provide you with entertainment. It was priced at 20 euros, which is way too much. I much prefer to see it at its current pricepoint, and I highly recommend buying it.
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