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995 hrs on record
last played on Apr 23
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last played on Apr 21
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totem hunter 92 Apr 21 @ 3:08pm 
Don't usually insidious camp with LF, It was requested by a friend :sacrificed:
Impale Me Entity Apr 12 @ 12:50am 
Thank you. Means a lot man. You played well.
ShopSmartShopS-MART Apr 12 @ 12:49am 
I appreciate you not being toxic end game I litterally get flamed every game just for playing nurse or winning so I was just assuming it would happen again my apologizes, stay safe bud
Psykes Mar 1 @ 5:57pm 
Hey this is your Legion from last match, I Had a weird bug when i hooked you and got stuck on you, It was weird. So sorry if it seemed like i facecamped I DCed so it wouldn't be a bad game
♛MK♛ Feb 20 @ 11:28pm 
I respect you and I thank you for not being toxic like the others in the community I wish nothing but the best for you in your games and hope you have a lovely day/night From::M_Pneuma::red_dot::K::luv:
Entity's Snackrifice Feb 16 @ 9:47am 
pulls both arms outwards in front of my chest and pumps them behind my back, repeats this motion in a smaller range of motion down to my hips two times once more all while sliding my legs in a faux walking motion, claps my hands together in front of me while both my knees knock together, pumps my arms downward, pronating my wrists and abducting my fingers outward while crossing my legs back and forth, repeats this motion again two times while keeping my shoulders low and hunching over, does finger gun with right hand with left hand bent on my hip while looking directly forward and putting my left leg forward then crossing my arms and leaning back a little while bending my knees at an angle