New York, United States
I like to keep my friends list as small as possible. You can leave a comment before adding me and just add me back if you feel I wrongly removed you.
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The Short And Sweet
Voice Acting
I specialize in narration, but I enjoy doing characters for animations and games as well.
Want my voice? Hit me up with a friend request and let me know the details. I may ask for some concepts, rough animation, script, etc before I accept.

Check out https://emnudge.com for specifications on my equipment, past projects, demo reels, and contact information.

Side Note
If you've added me and ask about trading, you're more likely to be removed.
Workshop Showcase
Sandwhip Aug 2 @ 9:16pm 
Heya, just added you to discuss some Source audio things as well as potential voice acting for a map.
Hey! I'm a YouTuber with Around 950 subscribers and I was wondering if you would be up to voice act for my animation!
xavier2301 Jun 9 @ 1:49pm 
hello EmNudge i must say that i love your Heavy impression and i would like to know if you could do some voice acting for my project it would be really cool, and again you're awesome and you're doing the best Heavy impression i've ever heard
Jan Piēru Porunarefu May 23 @ 5:34am 
Fish stick. Thats all
katrin1824 Apr 30 @ 1:05pm 
katrin1824 Apr 30 @ 1:04pm 
hey your inventory looks very good beader then my