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So I did finish the game. It was... not great.

The races are fine, but other than that this game is trying to be the most infuriating piece of software ever. I'm very much disappointed that I gave EA money for this.

There's just a couple of different tracks, near the end of the game you just keep driving the same tracks that you already drove, just with different cars.

What's with the cinematics before races? Sometimes they feel very 2deep4u and sometimes they feel like you're high.
* Also, they start playing everytime you retry a race!

The default keyboard control scheme is all over the place:
* You start races by holding down accelerate and brake at the same time? What is this?
* You skip upgrades with Enter and apply them with Right Control?!
* You're supposed to control the car with both hands (using A, Z, left arrow and right arrow), leaving no hand to control EasyDrive.
* I mapped the driving to the arrow keys and mapped EasyDrive to WSAD so that I can both drive and control easy drive at the same time, however...

Opening up easy drive hides all other UI elements, most importantly the map.
* Setting a new destination via easy drive (such as a race) doesn't close easy drive and thus you have to consciously close it in order to see where you need to go!
You can't control easy drive when you get taken down, when you crash, right after finishing a race and in some other cases.
* Same with the main menu - you can't open that up in those same cases.

You lose your current destination on the map when you change a car.

There's content on the map (such as cars) and in EasyDrive (such as races) that's locked behind the store!
* BTW does the store even work anymore? It didn't work for me, but that could be because I'm playing on Linux via Proton. If it doesn't then that's awful (and, frankly, should be illegal).

Hitting stuff is annoying - you're encouraged to hit the other racers, but boy oh boy, make sure you don't miss and hit something else, because in that case you'll crash and just waste a couple of seconds watching a useless "cinematic."
* Also, hitting cops is weird - sometimes you can ram them at full speed, but sometimes you crash hard doing the same thing, I have no idea how it works.
* I mean, I kinda get it, you're not supposed to crash and it's supposed to set you back, but this is especially annoying when you're just driving around, interacting with EasyDrive, and a civilian car gets in your way.
* Did I mention that you can't interact with EasyDrive when you've crashed?

Changed a car? Yeah, you can't change back to your previous car that's sitting _right beside you_, You have to find it in EasyDrive and jump to its original position.

Sometimes when you've got a destination set on the map and you reach the destination while being chased by cops, you lose the set destination and you have to set it again.
* This even happens when the destination is a race - you can't start races when you're being chased by cops, so you first have to lose them, find the race in EasyDrive again and drive back there again.

If you're about to lose a race, make sure to open the main menu and hit Retry, otherwise you'll have to _needlessly wait_ for the results to get shown, for the world to load and for the race to load again. There's no "You lost, wanna try again?" prompt.

But most importantly, and this is really blowing my mind... WTF is with the way you get new cars - how is simply finding them in the game world interesting? Awful.

Go play NFS Underground 2 or something.
Posted April 21, 2022. Last edited April 21, 2022.
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The singleplayer campaign is very enjoyable. If you liked DOOM 2016, you might like this as well.
Posted May 15, 2020. Last edited June 17, 2020.
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Simple, yet effective.

Certainly a must-have for anyone with a VR headset.

Don't forget to install SongLoader and enjoy all the community-made tracks (unlike all the plebs playing this with PSVR, lul).

Edit: oops, Facebook bought Beat Games, I hope that Beat Saber doesn't go to ♥♥♥♥!
Posted June 29, 2019. Last edited November 28, 2019.
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Early Access Review
This is most definitely the best time-waster ever invented by manking. Nothing compares. 10/10
Posted November 24, 2016.
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Is there anything better than steampunk mech battles?
Posted March 27, 2015.
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Super Mario Bros is a better platformer than this.
Posted October 8, 2014.
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Great concept, even more mind bending than Portal 2, generally enjoyable.
Posted September 26, 2014.
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Oh wow. So, like almost everybody else, I've heard about this thanks to all the controversy surrounding Zoe Quinn and I went into it quite negatively biased. Anyway, I wanted to see what all this fuss was about and I'll try to sum up my thoughts as objectively as I can in this post.

So, with all that out of the way, is Depression Quest a good game? First of all, it's not much of a game. It's done in the classic choose-your-own-adventure style, but it's not done very well. Your choices don't affect the main course of the game very much - they mostly just affect your character's status.

Generally you just get a wall of text and a few options (which options you get depends on your character's status) and you choose one of them. This may cause a change in your character's status, e.g. it can make you more or less depressed. Then you get another wall of text which is a reaction to you choice and then you move on to the next event.

And that's it. Most of the game follows exactly this formula and you shouldn't expect any extensive branching - there isn't any. The only change is right at the very end, and that's simply not enough.

The other problem is that it's quite easy to get a good ending - just pick the choices that make your character actually DO something. And of course it's equally easy to get a bad ending - just pick the choices that make your character do nothing. Usually the choices are even ordered from good to bad, so you really don't need to think about them too much.

Unfortunately all the above means that there is not much replay value. You may go through the game two or three times just to be able to read the different endings, but you really will not be reading all the stuff before that.

Technically the game is alright. Although for some weird reason it has to run in three processes which in total use more than a hundred megs of RAM. I guess it's got something to do with the fact that the game is using Webkit. There's a graphical glitch when the text is shorter than what fits on your screen, but that doesn't cause any problems.

There are a few typographical mistakes, but nothing serious (there will probably be more mistakes in this post than there are in the game :P). I haven't noticed any bad grammar or misspellings.

What is kind of annoying is the sound. Basically, it's just a single repeating piano track which gets boring quite fast. There are some ambient noises for some of the events but nothing major.

And finally we get to the last part. This game obviously deals with depression, which is quite a strong emotional theme. So, did I feel depressed when playing this? Not exactly, although it did show me how a person with depression might feel - or at least I think so.

All in all it's not a great game. The mechanics are weak and the depression part just doesn't do it for me, but that is most likely subjective.

Finally, I do feel that it doesn't deserve all the publicity it's getting, but hey, at least it's free.

tl;dr: I felt more depressed when I couldn't find the bloody keys in Doom.

Posted August 19, 2014.
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Quite a generic shooter. You'd be better off playing Doom or something.
Posted August 8, 2014.
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Not a game. Also doesn't make much sense.
Posted May 8, 2014.
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