Abu Hajaar
El Baszó   Baghdad, Iraq
Good evening. :waryoba:
#abuhajaardidnothingwrong :steamsad:

Please do not take my name or profile pic seriously. It is supposed to "represent/copy" a dumdum islamic fighter who became a meme after VICE news leaked combat footage featuring him. I'm not affiliated with any terrorist organisations and I do not agree with any of them. If you still got offended, good for you, but idc :cozybethesda:
#szatyorgang :kuth_bag:
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Welcome to my profile!
About me

Gender: Male (the real 1 is Боевой вертолет Ми-24п :chopperld_chopper_color: just don't tell the CIA! :illuminaticonfirmed:)

-Nicks: Abu Hajaar
-Real: I can't remember

Born: Blue

Favorite things:
-Animal: Siberian husky :cow_husky:
-Color: blue :tumBlueCube:
-Drink: Tonic :DemonDrink:
-Food: Gamburger (alias McBlyat) :hamburger:
-Game: Warframe :LotusFlower: (I also LOVE the Stalker series)
-Hand held firearm: Any and all FAL patent rifle (Yes, I am bit of a gun nut :P)
-Movie/series: ALMOST everything that's "Star Wars" (♥♥♥♥ the Disney trilogy tho)
-Song: David Bowie - Heroes (but I also love Кино [May your soul rest in peace Viktor Tsoy! :steamsad:])
-"Sport": Airsoft :compactsmg:

Before you add me!

-Make sure you know me or we have met somewhere.
-Don't try to scam me! (I will not fall for it..... Also I don't have anything worth stealing aaand you can't even see my inv cause it's private.)
-Have a minimum IQ of -1!
-Have basic English knowledge!(or Hungarian cuz I know many of you can speak it :P)

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ABU HAJAAR! The Bullet Casings are hitting us!

'God is Great'
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