Draakoor   Bayern, Germany
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Read my info first:
My Age: 24
My Skill: Mid
My Job: IT Specialist
My Community: ReaperCrew Multigaming Community
My Website: Click me [reapercrew-multigaming.de]
My Discord: Click me [discord.reapercrew-multigaming.de]
My Teamspeak: Click me [invite.teamspeak.com]
My Origin: America (Texas)
My Gameservers: Click me [reapercrew-multigaming.de]

Game specific:

Main gun: M4A1-S/AK-47
Knife: -

Team Fortress 2:
Main class: Pyro
Main weapon: Australium Flame thrower

Vacban?: I boosted my perks in Modern Warfare 3 and used FOV-Changer

I will not accept friend requests if your profil is private!

May the force be with you! <3 Star Wars

My whishlist:

My configs:

only on request

Awesome people:
Ivan der Russe
Jack the lucker
Currently Offline
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Team Fortress 2
<3Mein Herz schlägt Bayerisch<3
:crate: Gamer and developer for life :crate:

Info is also included above.


:angrytiger: I <3 Animes/Mangas:
:LotusFlower: Tokyo Ghoul
:LotusFlower: Attack on Titan
:LotusFlower: Highschool DxD
:LotusFlower: Highschool of the Dead
:LotusFlower: Demon king daimao
:LotusFlower: Sword Art Online

:angrytiger: Contact me:
:LotusFlower: Skype: nickisch4
:LotusFlower: Facebook: Request name via pm in steam
:LotusFlower: Homepage: Click me [reapercrew-multigaming.de]
:LotusFlower: Steam
:LotusFlower: Twitter: @Draakoor
:LotusFlower: Discord: Click me [discord.reapercrew-multigaming.de]
:LotusFlower: Teamspeak: Click me [invite.teamspeak.com] Contact Draakoor
:LotusFlower: E-mail: Write e-mail [reapercrew-multigaming.de] or draakoor@reapercrew-multigaming.de

:sticky: My computer :sticky:
:demoticon: CPU: Intel Core i9-10900k
:demoticon: GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090
:demoticon: RAM: 64 GB DDR4 ECC
:demoticon: Power supply: 800W , Be quiet
:demoticon: Cooling: 4 Fans, Be quiet, silence, Watercooling
:demoticon: Harddrive 1: 2 TB m2 NVME Samsung
:demoticon: Harddrive 2: 4 TB HDD Western Digital
:demoticon: Harddrive 3: 1 TB SSD Samsung EVO 860
:demoticon: Harddrive 3: 500 GB HDD External WD
:demoticon: Harddrive 4: 6 TB HDD External WD Desktop Backup
:demoticon: Internet: 100k
:demoticon: Keyboard(s): Logitech G910, Logitech G13
:demoticon: Headset: Logitech G935
:demoticon: Mic: Uhuru Studio Mikrofon USB
:demoticon: Mouse: Logitech G502
:demoticon: Monitor: MSI 27" WQHD 144 HZ 1 MS
:demoticon: Monitor 2: Aceer 27" FHD 144 HZ
:demoticon: Monitor 3: Aceer 27" FHD 144 HZ
:demoticon: Speakers: 2x renkforce with bass box
:demoticon: Wheel: Logitech G29 with Shifter and Sideconsole
:demoticon: Mixing desk: Virtual DJ
:demoticon: VR: HTC Vive Pro + HTC Vive Trackers

:sticky: My gaming laptop:sticky:
:demoticon: CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H
:demoticon: GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 TI
:demoticon: RAM: 16 GB DDR4
:demoticon: Harddrive 1: 500 TB SSD
:demoticon: Harddrive 2: 1 TB HDD

:hyperion: Social: :hyperion:
:csgogun: Youtube: Click me
:csgogun: Twitter: Click me
:csgogun: Twitch: Click me [twitch.tv]
:csgogun: Google+ Click me [plus.google.com]
:csgogun: Homepage: Click me [reapercrew-multigaming.de]
:csgogun: Gameservers: Click me [reapercrew-multigaming.de]
:csgogun: Teamspeak: Click me [invite.teamspeak.com]
:csgogun: Donate to me: Click me [www.paypal.me]
:csgogun: Discord: Click me [discord.reapercrew-multigaming.de]


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~PRY~ Kreyx Mar 11 @ 12:01am 
Hello I added you for your gmodstore job
[E.M.A] Ernergiker Mar 10 @ 10:12am 
dude got hacked lol
[DSD]DukeNukem May 13, 2018 @ 7:02am 
Hi Draakoor. Just wanted to say that the prop hunt server need an update because it say "the server is running older version of the game". thanks, have a nice day ^^
★Syndicate Aug 14, 2017 @ 8:53am 
Highschool DxD is great :P