Looking to cash out your knives/gloves/inventories - have $50k+ USD in cash trades done so far!
Cashrep [csgo-rep.com]
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Buff store [buff.163.com]
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I'm always looking to buy CS:GO knives/gloves/skins! I pay up to 92% of buff prices if it's a high tier item - unfortunately I don't deal with katos/case hardeneds but feel free to hit me up for anything else. Offering payment through Zelle/Venmo/Crypto/Paypal/Cashapp/Bank transfer (transferwise)!
Be aware, there are active impersonators of me out there. I DO NOT have any alternate accounts. That includes discussion/negotiation/storage accounts.
Important links

Cashrep [csgo-rep.com]
Trade link
Buff store [buff.163.com]
Steamrep [steamrep.com]

Please make sure you're dealing with the real me before trading.
:ArmorEmoticon: Steam level 100.
:ArmorEmoticon: Registration date of July 8th, 2011.
:ArmorEmoticon: 3,527 hours in Team Fortress 2.

Some basic trading rules
:SpeedEmoticon: Please don't add me if you have a private profile/inventory.
:SpeedEmoticon: If something is on trade hold and you're interested, send me a friend request and we can discuss.
:SpeedEmoticon: Please don't add me/send trade offers asking for items for free.
:SpeedEmoticon: Please have some common courtesy when dealing with me, it goes a long way on both sides.
:SpeedEmoticon: I use Buff as pricing for both buying/selling and trading - I do not go by steam market or cs.money prices.

Common scam attempts to be aware of
:Speech_Alert: If doing a cash trade with somebody, always make sure that the person you're dealing with has a cashrep thread - all reputable cash traders have a cashrep thread in this group , steam profile comments/screenshots of trades/being admin of random FB/steam groups don't mean anything.
:Speech_Alert: Some scammers attempt to get you to use a middleman from a 'reputable' site - the middleman is a scammer as well and is in on the scam. Subreddits like /r/RedditSteamTrade are examples of such scam places.
:Speech_Alert: Don't click any random links people send you asking for you to "pricecheck" your item on, and especially don't sign into any random sites with your steam credentials - if it's a legitimate Steam site, your credentials will automatically fill in if you open the login page and have it set to remember your password.
:Speech_Alert: If you have clicked/signed into one of these phishing sites, your API key is likely compromised and scammers have access to your account and trade offers. Immediately reset your Steam API key, reset your trade link, change your password, and sign out of all devices.
:Speech_Alert: TRUST YOUR GUT. If it sounds too good to be true or sounds too suspicious, then it likely is.
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hi. are you still trading?
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