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Now it's time to erase the story of our bogus fate, our history as it's portrayed is just a recipe for hate.
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This is the longest visual novel I've played... I've played other games more, but they were essentially replayable (or just superb, as in the case of Steins;Gate).

I don't feel like returning to Dies Irae soon, because the whole thing is very... dense, as in "density". A full course of a story with several points of view and even spinoffs woven within. 4 full routes that are also romantic in nature, the battles to the death are always for a girl's sake (but for pals' too). Dies Irae is the fabled "day of wrath" where a man will return to the world to destroy it and rebuild it in his own vision. And our mission is to foil that. Add some Nazi goodness here and there and you've got a captivating dish.

If you've laid eyes upon it and are wondering if to get it or not... well, first of all, it lasts forever. Took me more than 70 hours to do 100%. The story is like Tokyo Babel or others but on steroids. It's certainly captivating and memorable. In all that time they weave a compelling world of characters and their relationships and even dreams and goals. Throw in the typical "chuuni" elements of superpowers, transcendence, etc, and you get the full picture.

I certainly prefer the games I like to last more, I don't tend to think much of short VNs. In this case, Dies Irae gives a pleasant aftertaste. My favourite are still in the 30-50 hour range but this is good enough to keep you interested. At least that was my case.
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