ʞɐi The Dirdwolf   Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
I am a Furry, I have a MadeFurYou Fursuit. Other furries can add me.
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My Website :3 [nerdwolf.club]
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I am Kai the Dirdwolf!

I am a furry and a fursuiter! I go to a lot of furry conventions around the world and sell art and stuff. You're more than welcome to check out my twitter or art gallery if you want.

I am originally from Las Vegas, Nevada but now I live in Michigan. It's cold here, often I miss the desert and the warmth :P

I travel a lot in an RV around the country and film interesting places. Even if I am playing a game, chances are I'm not home, but on the road!
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where are your parents? who are your parents? whatever this is, it's not normal man. you need help
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