Aluka wolf
IF YOU ARE ADDING ME must have a reason why, and better not be cause of trading gotta give me a real good reason if its not for trading then feel free to add away! :>

Just a very chill laid back dude, gamin and vibing, mostly quiet and I do apoligize for it I feel shame for whenever i'm too quiet around friends. UwU

Discord: Aluka#8109

More info bout me my sona is a shergon which is a Shark/sergal/dragon mix, i do love to hang out and try to speak out even tho i'm mostly shy I am also a kind and gentle giant, that loves to game and hang out alot! :spyrogem:
A lil something about me
Easy going Mostly quiet person, I never talk alot so thats just a heads up, If I don't speak to ya just know its cause I'm mostly a quiet person that hardly talks cause i never know what to say, But one thing I do like to talk about is music, so There is that, I also do like making friends with everyone I meet and to also play games with! I am also a very laid back and chill guy sometimes I can get a lil hyped by a few things, so yeh feel free to say hi! and such.
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Where no one expects haikus.
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♥Spookie Gothie♥ Aug 21 @ 1:51pm 
I wuv u💗💗
I'm gonna fuckin cuddle you Aug 19 @ 6:12pm 
puro is based.
Xerro Aug 19 @ 1:00am 
Awww I think I missed ur b day but happy late b day though
SPOOKY banan Aug 13 @ 4:25am 
Scammer Aug 11 @ 10:27am 
Yo im the person that u qd against in rl called imafurry69420 i add other furries and ppl that seem nice so if u wanna accept u can :)
Ciaran Aug 3 @ 2:05am