F r a c t a l i
Ali   United States
:ZE_4_Leaf_Clover: Cosplayer :LIS_PolaPhoto: Writer :acduck: Webmistress :heartoful: Feminist. :acbutterfly: Liberal. :accat:
:p2cube: Bi, She/Her :LIS_butterfly:
Favorite Game
:accat: Fractali is a :LIS_PolaPhoto: cosplayer, :p2aperture: science geek, :ZE_Myrmidons: history nerd, :HBReading: grammar dork, :misfit: liberal feminist, :acbutterfly: insomniac, and :approved: compulsive writer, not necessarily in that order. :monokuma_DGR:

:UDG_Heart: Her pronouns are she/her. :LIS_poker_face:

:hp_nikki: She spends way too much time on the internet and playing video games. :ZE3_Decision: :ZE3_Escape:

:cure: She's also the webmistress for the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network [cosplayer-ssn.org], which aims to help members of the cosplay community who are survivors of harassment, trauma, assault, or abuse. We Believe You. :LIS_butterfly:

:heartoful: She's blessed by her wonderful girlfriend Trickssi [trickssi.com]. :ZE_4_Leaf_Clover:

:coocoo: f r a c t a l i [fractali.carrd.co]

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