I do commission for gmod playermodel / l4d2 / sfm / hl2 / insurgency / etc
If you requested one model i will do free to port it to another source engine games, example from gmod to left 4 dead 2 or half life 2
I accept any kind of model like MMD, XPS, C4D, FBX, OBJ, CM3D, etc
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I can do model rigging from scratch or improving them, creating expression/facepose, editing model (body, clothes, hand, head, etc) and more. You can contact me directly via discord.

I do quality models and made with love for the community and you

NOTE: If im not uploading new model in a week its because im working on private project/models or some server community
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This is how you properly make Indomie Mi Goreng, a popular Indonesian instant noodle product. You can microwave or use a kettle to cook the noodles in the bowl, at the cost of being a major fucking loser. It is loaded with palmolein oil, MSG, saturated fat

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Waverly Nov 9 @ 2:27pm 
Dunno if you take commissions here or your discord that you put.
But somehow in someway Mystia Lorelei (Touhou) Doesn't have a Ragdoll or a Player Model for Garry's Mod and if she does I can't find it when searching so if you do it you'll most likely become the first person to do Mystia.
Spiritus Nov 6 @ 6:09am 
Hi I am the person who sends a friend request to ask a couple of questions.
Le Dante(Blitztile) Oct 25 @ 8:14pm 
oh yeah the suggestion i said is for gmod btw
Le Dante(Blitztile) Oct 25 @ 7:55pm 
Can you Add/make Diantha from pkemon x and y's ragdoll/or playermodel steam workshop doesnt have it, i use your mods thank you and Regards, Dante(Blitztile)
Reynaldy Oct 14 @ 10:51pm 
masih ganteng, thx :v
RUDAL SCUD Oct 10 @ 11:27pm 
Boleh saya add friend kamu? Aku perlu kamu untuk konversi mod dari satu survivor ke survivor lain