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You can run but you can also wear this sweet hide.

*Scout jacket/shirt
*Paintable undershirt

*Available for mod download []
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Status - Pending, Created by - DeR‎osaJ, Square, and Hotrod McCoolguy
Jork May 10 @ 11:33am 
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Polybius Apr 21 @ 4:44pm 
I bought your steam controller from Orbit lmao
CHIN CHOPA Apr 17 @ 10:02am 
Hey, add me pls. I want to ask u some questions about wshp items, then u can delete me:3
Professor Pootis Apr 15 @ 12:19pm 
Hi! i REALLY like your Greaser Getup cosmetic and i want to get the mod but i cant find what cosmetic it replaces
Skim Mar 3 @ 8:08pm 
can you make my butt an item in tf2
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