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Move well, study well, play well, eat well, and rest well..

That is the Turtle Master way!

Misc / Hat Compatable!
Comes Complete with Facial Flexes!
Fierce Eyebrows!

Concept By Extra Ram
Model/Flexes By Derosaj & Neodement
Texture By Psyke
2,659 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Psyke, DeR‎osaJ, Extra Ram, and NeoDement
Jorkfriend Apr 4 @ 5:34pm 
we are under attack and ruled over by a level 60 chinese wizard . pleaase help us . he destroys all. Oh noble adventurers and wizards of note. please come good players and flock to the banner of parthesis in this world

the evil wizard xiao is on all the time watching like a lidless eye. he flies about destroying all that is good. If there are any soldiers of majik who can come to our world and live through the painful leveling again to fight for our cause we would be indebrted.
Ravenholmzombies Mar 13 @ 1:26am 
Added to ask a few questions regarding your modelling.
Shinobi612 Jan 3 @ 12:27pm 
Hey man. I see you work for the "Engineer's extremities" and...I love it! It's one of the best Engie cosmetics i've ever seen...So, I'd like to ask two request if you don't mind:
- Can this be a non-only halowween/full moon Item? It looks way too awesome (If it's added...) To only be wearable on Haloween and full moon.
- If it's not too much, can you make two arms? Basically Octopus have 8 arms. (I know it's "Hexapus", but it would be awesome). Or maybe a style with two arms, and another one with four arms!
Well. It's all. I hope you'll see this comment and maybe answer. Thanks man. Have a good day!
CrackWaltz Dec 31, 2017 @ 1:32am 
Your Mighty Magicians set looks awesome, you did a really nice job and I hope it gets accepted! :D