deathstroyer from h3ll
im unleashing da m0thafukcin beast :metabolism::Horzine::FLAMENSTEIN::CoC_Irradiated::FBALL2::radiate::FBALL3::boooooom:

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Homage to thee, Deathstroyer, Lord of eternity, King of the Skeletons, whose names are manifold, whose forms are most unholy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy. Thou art the governor of Tattu , and also the mighty one in Sekhem . Thou art the Lord to whom praises are ascribed in the nome of Ati, thou art the Prince of divine food in Anu. Thou art the Lord who is commemorated in Maati, the Hidden Soul, the Lord of Qerrt , the Ruler supreme in White Wall. Thou art the Soul of Ra, his own body, and hast thy place of rest in Henensu. Thou art the beneficent one, and art praised in Nart. Thou makest thy soul to be raised up. Thou art the Lord of the Great House in Khemenu. Thou art the mighty one of victories in Shas-hetep, the Lord of eternity, the Governor of Abydos. The path of his throne is in Ta-tcheser. Thy name is established in the mouths of men. Thou art the substance of Two Lands. Thou art Tem, the feeder of Kau, the Governor of the Companies of the gods.