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A problem-solving mercenary, artist, gamer hobbyist, and spirit walker on my free time.

If you want to add me then please send me a message first, I do not usually accept random requests.
I like gaming in general, but am not a big fan of competitive play so very scarce on the online fighting, shooter and MOBA genre. Horror games are also a no-go whatsoever... I can lose weeks on a great narrative, exploration or puzzler though.
Also I am always up for conversation about hidden gems from the indie side of the Galaxy.
I want to review every great game in my library, take a look!
This was an idea I got during 2020 new year's eve, since I was unable to focus enough to carry on the writing of my main piece of novel, I want to keep my craft as sharp as possible, by writing these reviews during my sparse time off-duty.
Starting by the last games that made my day in the past months, the plan is to review the hidden gems from my library as my form of extra thanks for the developers of such amazing pieces of entertainment. If I can convince at least one user to purchase one of these titles, them I shall have succeeded.
I hope you have a great time reading my reviews just as I had playing these games, thanks and have fun.
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70 Hours played
A rather misunderstood step in a "better" direction for ARPGs

  • Huge open-world
  • Varied and satisfying combat
  • Collectables galore
  • Hit or miss graphics
  • Amazing traversal movement
  • Could use more super bosses (unconfirmed)
So, if you are still here... Let's get down to it:

Originally posted by The five dollar note dude:
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

First of all, let's get the dirt off the discussion table: Optimization is on par with past games such as Witcher 3 and Skyrim so if you see this as a dealbreaker you should wait for more updates and fixes. And about the media flaming and other unrelated critiques just check the forums, I am reviewing the game, not the drama. My interest in what would later become Forspoken started back in 2012 when Square-Enix released the tech demo called Agni's Philosophy, from there I have been somewhat far from their games as my main platform went PC so I missed everything after the PS2 era (still waiting for KH collection to land on Steam). So when this game got announced all I could see was a huge open world with a combat system comprised of magic attacks and focused on over-the-top high mobility. Being a huge fan of the likes of Prototype and modern Spider-Man games, this sent me over the moon... so yeah, I AM that biased to talk so I will focus on everything else for reviewing sake.
The presentation itself reminds me a lot of the 80's Dungeons & Dragons TV show and also The Neverending Story book, so quite highly considered inspirations, I just hope that this motif won't be forgotten down the line as up to this point (about a third in the main campaign) the protagonist is still struggling to find his own reason to fight other than merely surviving the otherworldly threats and finding her way back home. The magical companion has me more interested as their backstory is more mysterious and I am hoping for its identity to be an interesting revelation to the plot, otherwise would be another misstep. Aside from this, the exotic and unforgiving world is outstanding in its vastness to the point of scaring off some players looking for a better-contained playground, which is understandable given we are talking about a world lacking population and any other activity that is not treasure-hunting or killing monsters.
Gameplay wise I have but a few complaints, the fast-paced battles are flashy and some monsters are close if not faster than you, so one must make use of the abundant traversal skills not only to progress but to survive. Fighting is bombastic in the least and I can see some users wishing we had a particle intensity slider in the options, but I can't deny how satisfying it is to drop a nuke-sized rock on hundreds of enemies at once. Getting the game to run smoothly can be an obstacle in itself, but if you manage that and enjoy exploring every inch of a magical open world while zipping at lightning speed like myself, you are in for a treat.

15-23 hours for the main game, 40 and still counting for me...
Combat Difficulty
Below DMC standard, more like Kingdom Hearts
Luminous Engine goodness, but not mindblowing in 2023
Has the Final Fantasy flair but is too classic for this game
KB+M works best due to manual aim
Sekai recipe, could be more similar to The Neverending Story
Gameplay Loop
When it reaches its flow state, it is tasty!
Closest Thing
A Spider-Man and Kingdom Hearts fusion where every attack is a Limit Break

TL-DR: There is an awful lot to improve, but what it does well, it does amazingly well.
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Although I had heard about it before, this one caught me off-guard on how pretty it looks. And this is all running on UE4 still...
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Tbh I've never tried it, but if it follows the metroidvania/spelunky-esque combination, them I am sure it will be a good time... as soon as I get a new computer, that is.
Xenogenesis Apr 5, 2020 @ 1:14am 
I hope you enjoy La-Mulana😊🍔
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Gracias amigo.
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I'm too lazy too reply on your profile, even less to question it.
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