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:911Operator: Operator 991, what's your emergency?
:steamhappy: Eeee..... Hay..... Can you help me do my homework?
:911Operator: Oh hello kid. Where are your mom?
:steamhappy: She's arguing with Dad
:911Operator: All right, what's your homework?
:steamhappy: 2 + 4 x 4
:911Operator: How much do you think it can be?
:steamhappy: ...................Eeeee...........Mmmmm.... 24?
:911Operator: Nope, count again but..........
:steamsad: David! What are you doing?
:steamhappy: I'm talking to a policeman.
:steamsad: You were to find someone to help with your homework!
:steamhappy: Yes, but The policeman helps me with my homework.
:steamsad: Oh my God! Give me a phone!
:steamsad: Um... Hello, I'm sorry, I had an argument with my husband and I wasn't looking after my son.
:911Operator: Okay, that's not a problem, just make sure he won't be afraid to call that number in the future.
:steamsad: Yes, I'll do it. sorry again, goodbye
:EmergencyCall: [END CALL...]
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