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Welcome to Foxy's Profile! ♥
The name's CyberKitsune, though most call me Cyber!

                                            ♥ 28 | Male | Fox | Gay | Taken & Open ♥

My suit is by Kilcodo Costumes [kilcodocostumes.com]!

What I do
You can catch me here on Steam doing some things like this:
VRChat - I spend a lot of time in VR! It's quite fun! You can add me on VRChat by finding "CyberKitsune" there; I tend to hang with friends and go to lots of raves or music festivals! Feel free to request an invite
TF2 - I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 as well! I have for a long time. I'm a Pyro main and will be in pubs a lot! ^^ I also dabbled in highlander competitive for two seasons or so -- I may return to that scene someday!
CS:GO - I play a little bit of Counter Strike these days too! I never played it in years past so I'm pretty bad but it can be fun with the right people! I don't like being toxic in CS though ;w;
Other - If I'm playing something else I'm probably experimenting with some new games!

Outside of Steam I play Rhythm games a lot! Chat up me about DDR, Sound Voltex, Beatmania, or any Bemani game! ♥

Can I add you?
You can add me but do know the following!
● I don't usually RP! So don't add me if that's all you want to do.
● I do accept random adds sometime but I'd prefer if I met you at least once in a game or if we had mutuals!
● I tend to accept furry friends the quickest but non-furries can reach out too!
I do not wish to trade or play comp at this time!

Why'd you remove me :c
Awooooo ;w; Sorry! If you weren't being toxic or weird and I removed you it may be because we haven't interacted in a while and I was cleaning my friends list. If you want back just add me again! If I end up leveling up my profile I'll have to clean up less often ^^ ♥
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