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This guide shows you how to use ReShade to add CRT scanline effects (like an old TV) to Iconoclasts.
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Probably the best immersive sim I've ever played. The game takes inspiration from everything from Half-Life to Bioshock to System Shock to Deus Ex to Dishonored. Yet it has plenty of originality and somehow manages to surpass the others in terms of its depth and polish. I found it really deep and engrossing in terms of both gameplay and story. And it has replay value as well since there are different kinds of weapon/item/ability upgrades you can get as you go.

If you like any of the games I name-dropped you need this game in your life.

Special note on the monsters. In the screenshots and trailers the Typhon didn't really impress me. But in-game it's a whole different story. They're really creepy in animation and the sound design is fantastic, both the ambient noise they make and the sound of them clomping around. And the little mimics and humanoid ones are just the start. There are a bunch of different kinds of Typhon as you progress with different sizes, abilities, elemental effects, etc. It keeps you on your toes, and helps lend a sense of progression to the game.

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Apexnexius 9 hours ago 
Good R-Type review. Had to give you the Community Contributor Badge for that one. Cheers! <3
Jinx Feb 23 @ 5:38am 
Machine: I won't delete my old stuff no worries.
Jinx Feb 23 @ 5:38am 
Acer: lol I honestly feel kind of bad about that, I was just venting a little and I didn't expect a bunch of responses or anyone to care that much.
Acerrrr12 [ENG] Feb 21 @ 1:26pm 
-rep ♥♥♥♥ posts to start flame wars on steam and goes on to say 'i'm only trolling'
machinelf Feb 13 @ 4:05am 
Please don't delete all your old Steam dimensions. Some of us may still use the old client. I make a lot of my own but you really saved me a lot of time because, generally, your art taste is even better than mine!
Sayaka the Student Jan 24 @ 2:38am 
Hey there, you've got some nice grids there on your website. I just wanted to ask if you'd consider adding to them to the SteamgridDB website. You might find a bigger audience there, and we've also got heroes (backgrounds) and logos! :sayaka_DGR: