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corn1298 Trade Server is up and running!
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2.370 ώρες συνολικά
τελευταίο παιχνίδι 2 Ιουν
3.421 ώρες συνολικά
τελευταίο παιχνίδι 26 Μαϊ
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τελευταίο παιχνίδι 26 Μαϊ
hypnoz 29 Μαϊ, 10:42 
my aug is listed for 500 on csfloat
big dick bandit 28 Μαϊ, 20:31 
hit me with that same offer again on CSFLOAT for handwraps. idk why my chrome browser didnt notify me bro.
я и 4 уёбища 27 Μαϊ, 10:50 
Check float offer
Rengo🖤 19 Μαϊ, 8:50 
hi we played together in a casual game, you play cool +rep, we can play together again if you don't mind
Göko 13 Ιαν, 8:03 
Hey mate, just added you!
76561199316417169 14 Σεπ 2023, 2:28 
add me please