cooper   Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
hi im cooper!
scroll down for old bio

Name: :tomate:
Age: 9
Hobbies: draining my parents income on csgo skins
discord: anime#5555

i'll hide this down here so people don't have to see it every time they visit my profile
~~~thank you's~~~

hurricane: being gay

Vosqas/Chaffy/Fen1x/choose a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ name: 1. willing to stay up all night to play csgo. 2. having a new name every time i log on furry

Swe3py: always being online and there in general when I want someone to talk to

oreoandreas: i don't even know who you are

valve: for draining my wallet and driving my family out of house and home

tobias fox: goat boys

fireflash: im pretty sure you're like 25 or something now idk what you got going on rn
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the.whale.hdcam.mp4 Mar 14 @ 1:50am 
this man ate my son
Koziii Mar 13 @ 2:00pm 
I've know this mf for a long ass time and my thoughts are... 10/10 literally only plays 4 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ games (cs:go, apex, valorant and osu!)
Shalilak Feb 20 @ 12:20am 
Signed by me, lets play csgo
the.whale.hdcam.mp4 Jan 28 @ 4:49pm 
imagine having le funny critical gif on ur profile
Waffle Jan 24 @ 3:56pm 
the notable brick thrower Jan 9 @ 5:33am 
could use some salt and pepper tbh