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Steam keeps clearing my aliases WTF!
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I think a solution to the bot crisis is community casual.
A GUI matchmaking system just like casual but you get connected to community servers. What will it solve:
- Community servers can moderate and use ever-evolving server plugins to detect and deal with bots and cheaters. My best guess is community servers are willing to fight the cat-and-mouse game of cheaters and bots that Valve is not willing to fight.
- Populating empty servers: Solve the problem with everyone fighting for 23/24 spot on a server and many perfectly good servers just being left empty because of the human psychology.
About what Valve should do.
According to the internet Valve (privately held company) makes a lot, a lot of money, if that's the case then I will rally for them to hire at least a few more employees to at least do something, to at least do some bug-fixes and some moderation e.g. game-bans to most reported cheaters #FixTF2. But I think the hate should be moderate because if they do decide to shutdown the game as some have suggested that would be the worst possible outcome, tho I do think it's unlikely (seeing CS 1.6 still being updated to this day). Also, I disagree with the notion of perpetual perfection that is "Valve has made industry-defining games in the past and we should expect infinite perfection from them in the future" They are human like us and eventually humans stop being great. I can sympathize because I'm at a point in my life where I can't achieve anything great. I'm essentially brain-dead.
My experience with the bots
They are times where the bots are particularly egregious: way too many or blend in by using random nicks, avatars, no chat/mic spam and sometimes they are few and easy to kick. I guess hosters have read my review and are hosting at full blast now.
Old review: Elaborate Hat Simulator, in recent years, upgraded to Team Bot Kicking Simulator 2!
I've developed a sixth sense for detecting non-human players!
Highly recommended!
In all seriousness, despite its cons I love this video game, it's the best ever made!:medicon::demoticon::lunar2019piginablanket:
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Was a great HP printer 🖨️

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What the Simba
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Let's go! 🖨 :lunar2019piginablanket:
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printer man take me by the hand and lead me to the printer land
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+red good printer