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Life's about finding your goals and putting up priorities.
Leave a good legacy, and enjoy yourself.
But please. Make it worth everyone's time.
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Words of wisdom, not movie quotes. Die in a fire
"Never fear, be confident; sharks smell your weakness."
"I exist, therefore I be, hence I think."
"There is nothing worse than war.
War is seeing your friends die by your side, war is seeing the face of evil struggle for domination."

"School can be the death of a few, but not those of who go to school, but of those who need help from the ones who leave."
"Football, or soccer, is the act of bringing the former gladiator game from the field to the tribune and the fun on the field. Oh that and a ball."
"saying racism is an act of discrimination on itself, as there are no human races, just colours, by stating something or someone is racist; you're saying there are races and therefore, you are discriminating."
"Happiness is longing for something of which you cannot obtain, or something that is not achievable, yet without losing hope."
"The question is not why we live, but if should we proceed living."
"Life is unfair, the world is in chaos, no one is trustworthy, yet we want to live."
"No equality without inequality"
"Justice is legal vengeance, due to the fact that what has been done can not be undone."
"They say no man can know himself, I say no man can know me"
"Surviving is more than just trying to stay alive, it's a symbiosis of living with yourself and living with your body"
"Ink of words is more than just binded letters."
"What is worse than being eaten alive? Being eaten from the inside."
"Bullies. I can take you, your words are like air, they go through me. Your punches are like clouds. I can see them coming."
"We're all on the same train, crashing into the abyss only gazed upon"
"What is broken, cannot be mended without scars, nor can it be broken again."
"There is always hate. There will always be hate. So ♥♥♥♥ hate."
"I may be jealous for what I can not do, but at least I see what I CAN do."
"Bullies have their own problems, but are dumb enough to give others problems as well."
"Everyone is part of a conspiration, either you want it or not, you'll get dragged into relations of others, be used as escapegoats or it is all used against you. Neutrality is impossible these days, pick a side or live a hermit."
"Harm belongs to those who deserve it, not to the ones who think they deserve it."
"Humanity is not present in humans, only Gods."
"People like humans make me sick"
"If you really want to be the best person on Earth, be the kindest, and expect a lot of ♥♥♥♥ coming over you."
"If you want to play God, you will have to face the consequences."
"Everyone is doing something bad. Me? I do bad for being the doomsayer of telling everyone does."
"You can never do it right, if you would, you'd be doing it wrong."
"Evil touches me, infects me, but stops here."
"I sought glory in death, only to find death in glory."
"Once I saw victory, now I see death."
"Life is a circle, there is no point in it."
"Childhood is the playground of life, the rest of your life is being inside while it is raining outside. Some see the oppertunities, some see the rain. And then there are the few who wander outside in the thunderstorm."
"Only one creature is influenced by the power of words so much it'd kill itself for it. Mankind."
"Others speak my tongue, but no one speaks my feels."
"A poem is just the ink made from your bloodied tears from your heart put on paper."
"I see evil, I hear evil, but I speak no evil, as I do not harm."
"Depression helps you focus, but the way it focuses me is just pure insanity. Which makes me completely normal."
"My soft side is just my unleashed madness covered in the large clods of sorrow."
"We all live in cages on this planet and only a few people have a key, some fake to have a key and others look like having a key."
"People are like plants. If you lock them up with someone for a long time, they'll grow into each other."
"If intellect is based on thoughts and philosophy, then everyone has a period of being a genius, but fades later on. I, however, can not stop."
"I don't care about publicity. My time will come some day. Possibly not in my day."
"There will always be mad people on this planet, but who would we be without these fellow men? Among them?"
-me 2014
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