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:csgoglobe: Project Manager/Head Developer @ CS:GO TTT (Page) [csgottt.com]/ CS:GO TTT (Github) [github.com]
:csgoglobe: Project Manager @ Outbreak Community [outbreak.community] ( Will be closed? )
:csgoglobe: Developer @ Skynet Gaming [skynetgaming.net]
:csgoglobe: Supporter/Moderator @ Classic Offensive [classic-offensive.net]

Sourcemod Plugins [github.com]

:diwrench: Case - NZXT H400i White
:diwrench: Power Supply - be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W
:diwrench: Mainboard - Asus TUF B350M-Plus Gaming
:diwrench: CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
:diwrench: CPU-Cooler - NZXT Kraken X62
:diwrench: Graphic - Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Strix Advanced
:diwrench: Sound - Creative Sound Blaster X AE-5
:diwrench: RAM - G.Skill FlareX 2x8GB DDR4-3200 CL14
:diwrench: SSD #1 - 120 GB (Samsung 850 EVO)
:diwrench: SSD #2 - 500 GB (Samsung 850 EVO)
:diwrench: SSD (M.2) #3 - 250 GB (Samsung 960 EVO)
:diwrench: OS - Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)
:diwrench: Display (#1) - BenQ XL2420T (24')
:diwrench: Display (#2) - Acer KA271 (27')
:diwrench: Headphone - beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm
:diwrench: Mouse - HyperX Pulsefire
:diwrench: Keyboard - HyperX Alloy Elite - Cherry MX Red
:diwrench: Mousepad - HyperX Fury S Pro (900x420)
:diwrench: Chair - DX Racer 6

:tdealwithit: UserBenchmark [www.userbenchmark.com]
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This is a short guide that will show you how to mute or lower the sound of advertisments on Community Servers.
With this method you can still support the server but will not get an acute hearing loss.
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