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jake   Sansare, El Progreso, Guatemala
hey :Dominate:
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"I'm sorry that I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up
Now we go through it again
Where I gain another pain
And I lose another friend
I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up " ~convolk , i ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up

"You, show me what I face, show me what you love
Promised not to break my heart
You lied to me, I love you too
So much, oh
My parents didn't want me, why would you?" ~sadeyes , you deserve better

welcome jake

btw pfp is made by me
and artwork is made by iLifeSaver
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hey there free candy
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gold gem talon and snake king gloves
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Created by - fairy peak
Get them waffles ready before your chicken dinner.
welcome to my profile

Random stuff
:CatsHeart: Name : Call me ''Jake''
:BluGe:I'm 18 year old and currently live in Belgium
:CatsHeart:I'm studying eletrical engineering also have an IQ of "RUSH B, CYKA"
:BluGe: The reason im so good, is because i've played over 2k hours in Farming Simulator.
:CatsHeart: Artwork Portfolio [www.artstation.com]
:BluGe: fav teams :
    1. Astralis
     2. NIP
       3. Team Liquid
:CatsHeart: If her age is on the clock, she is ready for the ♥♥♥♥. ;) ~My Uncle
:BluGe: last name bleach first name drink, like a failed abortion throw it in the sink. ~M3rkmusic
:CatsHeart: when you win the force for your team [plays.tv]
:BluGe: sick flicks bruh
:CatsHeart: deagle collat [plays.tv]
:BluGe: mjolnir tradeup
:CatsHeart: Lag ruined it [plays.tv]
:BluGe:YMCA USSR edition:
  Comrade, Steel Production Is Down
  I Said Comrade, You Must Sleep On The Ground
consider following any of these accounts
:CatsHeart: My PlaysTV [plays.tv]
:BluGe: My Faceit [www.faceit.com]
:CatsHeart: Mixcloud [www.mixcloud.com]
:BluGe: Instagram [www.instagram.com]
:CatsHeart: trading Discord Server [discord.gg]
:CatsHeart: Gold Nova Master
:BluGe: Master Gaurdain 1
:CatsHeart: Master Gaurdain 2
:BluGe: Master Gaurdain Elite
:CatsHeart: Distinguished Master Gaurdian
:BluGe: Legendary Eagle
:CatsHeart: Legendary Eagle master
:BluGe: MonkeySilver 6 im SUPREME btw
:BluGe: PC parts list [pcpartpicker.com]

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116 Hours played
Very nice game, joined a perp server (role play). named myself gandhi jehova, basically started a cult , people keep donating and then an admin donates a half mill. then as gandhi endorsed osama bin laden as a mayor of the city and won because of me. Then got assasined by donald trump, afterwards they robbed a bank thogeter. so yea would recommend!
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| Bastert Oct 18 @ 1:51am 
elf cant come on steam for a while, he has some irl stuff happening
Pbear Oct 16 @ 2:19pm 
you could write "elf" so that he would go to steam
| Bastert Oct 16 @ 7:53am 
elf is unavaible atm
Pbear Oct 16 @ 5:33am 
Hey br . Where’s you friend “elf” ?
aPlum Oct 14 @ 9:17am 
Hello Sharkbay / TradeMart homie
mannchild Oct 9 @ 1:56pm 
Added definetly not to scam u