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Gabe/MightyDog03/Seb   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Med main, but I also like to play Scout and Demo... and Soldier sometimes. I used to play too much 2fort and idle trade. 🇭🇰 -> 🇨🇦
Twitch [] (don't stream much)
1.7 in-game, 800 dpi, 144hz
UGC S33 Asia Steel - 5th with NotReallyGood as Medic
UGC S34 Asia Steel - 5th with NotReallyGood as Medic
Non-Serious Season: UGC Asia S35 - 4th with NotReallyGood as Medic [lost because ff in playoffs makes you lose subsequent matches. Nice Clari-tea moment]
AFC 17 Div 3 - 4th with NotReallyGood (boss team) as Medic
AFC 18 Div 2 (why?) - 5th with Candice TF2 as Medic
AFC 19 Div 3 (best Grands) - 2nd with Coping Pregame as Medic (basically)
ATF2L S2 Silver - 1st with heaven's feel as Medic (2 weeks)
AFC 20 Div 2 - 4th with sarawak legacy as Medic (asia tf2 is dead)

North America:
RGL 6s S9 Main (woo!) - _ with negative tf2 players as Medic
I'm a Tyler the Creator fan, so therefore I am bisexual gg
[hmu for socials]

I accidentally reset my TF2 stats, so it's inaccurate, but I think I have like 800-1200 hours in competitive.
5k hour mark! I've wasted my life on TF2.
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TOXIC bitch club Aug 9 @ 3:51am 
thanks bro
Dick Owens Aug 8 @ 4:26am 
wtf that's sick bro have fun and safe flight
TOXIC bitch club Aug 7 @ 11:39pm 
21st to south korea
Dick Owens Aug 7 @ 12:38am 
@seb where u going for grad trip big man
TOXIC bitch club Aug 4 @ 9:12am 
@chris yeah it's off
chimneycanopy Aug 1 @ 9:05am