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Love and Will has literally changed my perspective on everything. Nothing is the same now.
Refuse to be fearful about what will happen to you. God being unfair sense creating us.(47-121)

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Breaking All Illusions
With the sun in place
There's a test of faith
Streams of thought awaken
New realities
Breaking all illusions
Sudden burst of heat
Burning source of life
Masterful destruction
Power's not an act
It's understanding truth
Changing my direction
Live in the moment
Breathe in a new beginning
Wisdom revealed
As I unlearn to learn
Life's biggest battles
Often are fought alone
My spirit brings me home
Emerald thoughts flow through my consciousness
Drawn to curses left behind
Test of will the threshold to one's faith
Starts a fire in the mind
Searching out
Reaching in
To arrive
Where I began
Sights remembered
In the light
Searching out
Reaching in
To arrive
Where I began
Sounds remembered
Come alive
Embrace the days
Don't turn away
Life's true intent needs patience
Karma starts the signal
Songwriters: John Myung / John Petrucci / John Ro Myung / Jordan Rudess / Jordan Charles Rudess
Breaking All Illusions lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc :casette:

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:happymeat:have a nice day:rockon:
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Eid mobarak :)
Asrapila Jan 19 @ 3:59am 
it's just a prank bro
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dada in cherto perta chie too profile man minevisi :|
Asrapila Jan 19 @ 3:37am 
I'll spread this massage as i can , may Allah guide you as you guide others (actually he already gaide mano)
Afsoongar Jan 18 @ 11:08pm 
after much consideration and debate in the halls of the Majlis al-Sha'ab of syria, the real problem with the CS:GO community is the wahhabis and zionists who influence it brother. do you not see the jewry before you? the rubbing of the hands and the jingles of the shekels. it is the hook nosed merchants who steal from the pockets of the ummah while the takfiris take advantage of the situation and are quick to put the blame on the shia. the keys to some crate containing skins are not what we should pursue but instead the keys to the liberation of al-aqsa.
please reconsider brother.
should you have any concerns with the following statement you may proceed to send a response to the Majlis al-Sha'ab and await for a response for up to 200 days.