---- ❝ Rise and rise again until lambs become lions. ❞ ----

I have different accounts which I use on different communities. Privacy and anonymity are things which I find important.
"Logic and moral reasoning are to be cherished and best achieved by anonymity, by doing so, one remains objective".

However, I'll only trade with one account, this one (and my bot also trades ofcourse).

Feel free to comment on my profile if you would like to join the exclusive uncraftable collectors group (50+ different dirty hats/miscs required).
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General information.
Hey there, welcome on my profile!

Want to trade? Send me a trade offer , please don't add me for trading.
If I'm not online you can leave a comment here and I'll get back to you as fast as possible.
Please don't add me to 'be your friend', if I'm looking for new friends I'll add them myself, thanks.

Previously known as '@sph@lt'. However, it was time for a namechange! :ChipJoy:
Will be known as 'AlwaysBorn' from now on.

Notice: If I'm online on mobile chances are that I won't answer to any messages you send me as my phone automatically logs me in when I have wifi but I've got notifications disabled on it.

Useful links
Trade Offer link .
Trading bot #1 - online
Trading bot #2 - offline
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The heavy - Short Change Hero
Röyksopp feat. Robyn - Monument
Phil Collins Another Day In Paradise Felix Jaehn & Alex Schulz Bootleg
Of monsters and men - Dirty Paws
Jessie J - Sexy Silk
Woodkid - Run boy run
Chromeo - Night by night
Earth, Wind & Fire - September (remix)
Parov Stelar - Booty Swing
Fort Minor - Remember the name
Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
G-Eazy - Rebel
Zeds Dead - Coffee Break
Oh wonder - without you
♫ ..

Short Film
:nmrih: Jinxy Jenkins & Lucy Lou
:nmrih: The Backwater Gospel
:nmrih: Geri's game
:nmrih: Katsu Cats (Kungfu Kittens)
:nmrih: Soar

Know any good tunes or have a favourite short film? Feel free to share in the comments! :extralife:
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3,541 Hours played
A game that will not only get you addicted to hats, but also hyped up about bread!

The goal in this first-person shooter multiplayer video game is to choose a team (RED/BLU) and beat the other team in 8 different official game modes (king of the hill, capture-the-flag, push-little-cart…).
Inside a team you can select one of nine classes with each class having its strength and weaknesses which guarantees there’ll be a game style that fits you.
You can also play co-op where you team up with six other people to kill robots who came to attack the ' Store'.
Besides these official game types there are many others created by the community such as a medieval, prophunt,..

If you ever get bored with playing, which is unlikely -but it can happen after more than 2.000 hours-, you can always start collecting hats by trading, reason why it’s often referred to as the number one hat-simulator.

Before this game I wouldn’t even have considered playing any cartoon-like games. But I’m glad someone converted me. It’s a game that's filled with humor and will not get you bored easily. More importantly, it’s free, why shouldn’t you give it a try at least?

But the biggest advantage of all is that this is a very social game which you can play with friends. And for the people who don't have any friends: with this game you'll sure get some!

Even if this game has been out there for a while, it’s still being updated on a regular basis. New game modes and hats created by the developers and community are regularly being pushed forward and major events are happening at Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

There is only one downside I can think of: it’s quite large in size. So make sure you have enough disk space.
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We are crazy uncraftable collectors!
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Just found an australium rocket launcher.
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YYanin Jun 12 @ 2:48pm 
heey, added ;3
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hi, added
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here's ur duck bro
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Uncraftable Hank Apr 10 @ 2:46pm 
The amount of rare uncraftables you have is insane, so many brain buckets, dead cones, ketches, hetmans headpiece and conjurers cowl. Insane. I strive to have an inventory like yours one day
Black roseꑄೞᵉᵉ৳~❥ Dec 25, 2023 @ 9:16am 
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