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cool gamer quotes:

"I'm not high fiving a W+M2"

"Who's this cute little modder and how tight is her mods"

"do you think ralsei will be a cuck when he grows up?"

"This message in the 'crashing because i modded my gun too much' [mod that will not be named] goes out as a special 'Fuck You to EvilBoberino, a pathetic asshole who throws fits because someone dares to make a joke about a project they were involved with, despite first directly insulting the good work of this pack. Good job, asshole."

"I haven't been that degenerate since... mid 2018"

"I'm so excited to make my friends more uncomfortable than I already do <3"

"i ubered an afk pyro cool"

"fucking faggot gay blu furry team of pyros"

"can u make a mod the resaturate the old bain voice?"

"Seeing a pink horse pyro run at me to slap my ass made me shit myself a little."

"Brook 10-10 on crackhead mode? This brings new insanity"

"plays shooter game while this song plays 27 killstreak song stops got shoot in the head coincidence , in think not!"

"Big words from a man who knows nothin of actual bronies the ones who make the as we call it clop are known as cloppers not all bronies are sick like that most of us are good people now please Obay Kanes orders ( C & C Reference ) "

"it is absurd how much fucking vore I'm having to sort through to avalipost"

"@kentukyfreidcake Pridogy maby but not The Prodigy ><. But do explain who are amaricans ? I know Americans, but these... Amaricans never heard of them.

Prodigy from england."

"damn your sheep lowkey thicc"

"i told you im a boomer shooter pro"

"i'm gonna have to give joy a bulge"

"xxv go g fxeozoz2i"

"i can change it to be sfw butt if that's the issue
i just wanna show the world my fursona"

"your dick has such a nice shape what the heck"

"kink, political shitpost"

"His voice, the beat, the background, my dog barking at something outside. Awesome!"

"if MC Ride had a paw fetish and was a sub"

"beethoven rose from the dead and jizzed in his pants when he heard this thimbs up if you agree!!!"

"it's bain's fault jarey cant fuck rino"

"Like and retweet if your cock is over 6 inches"

"cloaker go away im trying to talk about my friends cock"

"best dubstep dance to this"

"biological enboid"

"New Years BABEY!!!! now lets draw some demon dick!!!!"

"fuck you and your cool foreskin"

"rino is androgynous mystery baby"
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tanis Jan 3 @ 8:21am 
here, some choccy milk, because your epic
Middynight Dec 19, 2019 @ 3:49pm 
A dumb idiot that's what
wekk Dec 19, 2019 @ 3:41pm 
what's a rino :B1:
Jarey_ Dec 19, 2019 @ 8:10am 
eh, I think they're pretty cool
Rino Dec 19, 2019 @ 4:17am 
Haha I hate rino
tanis Dec 3, 2019 @ 8:51pm