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Hello, I go by the name of Zeni and you seem to have stumbled across my profile.
Whether you are here out of curiosity or other reasons, I hope we'll get along well.
Below you can find some information about me, more or less that is.
If you want to know more about me or anything in particular, feel free to ask me, just don't overflow me with questions as I could be busy.

If you plan on adding me, a short comment stating why would be greatly appreciated.
if I have no acquaintance with you whatsoever and you leave no comment, expect to get declined.
Otherwise feel free to add me!


:lvl1pages: - I am male
:lvl1pages: - I was born on the 21th February.
:lvl1pages: - I am online quite often, so feel free to hit me up for anything if you ever need me.
:lvl1pages: - I dislike starting conversations and prefer it if you take the initiative.
:lvl1pages: - While I have a few people I talk to, I also have a few people I never talk to, so I, rather rarely however, tend to clean up my friendslist. If you talk to me even slightly then no need to worry.


Discord: Zeni#0001

Github: Zeni44 [github.com]

I am not on many social websites where I am active.
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ᴘᴀυʟ Jul 8 @ 3:44pm 
Good senpai. Willing to share his valuable asset - the AC - for those in need.
Zeni Jul 5 @ 10:15pm 
I'm addicted to Beat Sabers. Send help
Bacon Overlord® Jul 5 @ 4:47pm 
10 hours of Beat Saber. You must like Fruit Ninja too.
Zeni Jul 5 @ 2:23pm 
Printed Paper Jul 5 @ 1:08pm 
were both losers
tuuf Jun 24 @ 11:18am