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Wubsy,Wubushii, What's the matter?
°·• I'm just a weird person ❤ \\(● ω ●)// •·°
I make lewd art and play genshin if that's interesting
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💗·=·-·=·-·=[Some Stuff About Me]=·-·=·-·=·💗
:pinkheart:°•~ Heya ^~^ Welcome on my profile ~•°:pinkheart:

Welcome on my profile ! If you don't know me, you may wondering who i am.. Well i'm Wubsy
And who is Wubsy ? Well it's me silly ^~^
Enjoy your stay here and take your time ! ;3

:pinkheart:°•~ Want to add me ? ~•°:pinkheart:

Sure go ahead and add me, i'm a nice person ! The only things required is to :

• Have not a private account
• Write down why you want to add me

Else i won't accept it.

:pinkheart:°•~ More about me ? ~•°:pinkheart:

I'm just a weird person, don't mind me :luv:
I'm usually pretty open to anything and friendly, i don't bite (well, i think..) and i love being social so don't be shy!
I usually play lots of different games as well but i have to say that i have a big preference for Sandbox or FPS games hehehe, feel free to check my games (if they are not private) ~

:pinkheart:°•~ Wanna text me ? ~•°:pinkheart:

I should always be available on Steam, but if you want to talk to me in a better way, you can always add me on Discord!

• Discord → wubsy

:pinkheart:°•~ What Wubsy is making ? ~•°:pinkheart:

I'm making a lot of stuff actually, i like experimenting many things, on Steam it's mostly Source game related stuff like maps (even if 95% of them are private lol) and few mods here and there. I can deal with 2D artwork as well, video editing, animations of some sorts and quite some more. :cozyjunimogreen:

Else i use Koikatsu a lot and make 3D anime art but i don't have a twitter or a pixiv yet soooooo, if you are interested, the best would be to ask me uwu

:pinkheart:°•~ Thanks you for your attention, lovely person ~•°:pinkheart:
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