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:pinkheart:°•~ Heya ^~^ Welcome on my profile ~•°:pinkheart:

Welcome on my profile ! If you don't know me, you may wondering who i am.. Well i'm Wubsy
And who is Wubsy ? Well it's me silly ^~^
Enjoy your stay here and take your time ! ;3

:pinkheart:°•~ Want to add me ? ~•°:pinkheart:

Sure go ahead and add me, i'm a nice person ! The only things required is to :

• Have not a private account
• Write down why you want to add me

Else i won't accept it.

:pinkheart:°•~ Wanna text me ? ~•°:pinkheart:

You can talk to me by different way, i have a Discord, a Skype but i'm never on cause this sucks or just over here on steam but i'm more often (always) on Discord. So you can add me over there

• Discord → Wubsy#3444
(This is not my main account so it might take a while to see it if you don't tell me)

:pinkheart:°•~ What Wubsy is making ? ~•°:pinkheart:

Well, i'm making alot of stuff, graphic stuff, videos, sounds, mods, videos games..
Here is a small list on what you can found about me :

• Deviant Art → Ask me!

• Youtube → Ask me!

• My Website → Private for now...

• My Games → Private for now...

• Steam Workshop → Just Right Here

• Sketchfab → Just Right Here [sketchfab.com]

• Twitter → Ask me!

There is fiew other thing but still private or unfinished .. :csgogun::csgoskull:

:pinkheart:°•~ More about me ? ~•°:pinkheart:

TODO // ASK ME (I wont bite)

:pinkheart:°•~ XPERIDIA ? ~•°:pinkheart:

http://www.xperidia.com Cause this crew is ♥♥♥♥ing badass~♥

:pinkheart:°•~ Thanks you for your attention, lovely person ~•°:pinkheart:
Favorite Game
Noire Jun 10 @ 9:24am 
oui oui~
Nighty Jun 10 @ 6:23am 
Have a nice day :g_heart:~
furrydubstep May 12 @ 5:55pm 
hey i am looking for more friend and such also i love the map and such 10 out of 10 i play agian
SGW101 Apr 30 @ 12:08am 
I'd like to add you as a friend because I'm a nice guy who likes adding nice friends.
💀Grindor💀 Apr 5 @ 4:53am 
The wubsy is floofy
SuperDean Apr 5 @ 1:59am 
i cant help you talk about your map if you don't accept the invite (also message me after you accepted it so i know you did)