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Hello Everyone,

For the purposes of Steam, The Internet, and The Journalistic World, my name is WolfStar. I am currently in the beginning stages of starting my Journalistic Career as a Licensed Journalistic Writer under the United States Press Agency. The art of writing is a skill that I find to be a quintessential and inescapable facet of my life which ensnares itself in whatever task that I elect to pursue due to my insatiable desire to expand my scope of education in a variety of different subject areas. While I do have a deep seeded passion for writing, I also have a reverent respect for many forms of entertainment-based media one of which includes gaming. Whether it is PC, Console, Board Games, Card Games, or what may have you; If it is a game, I tend to be 97% on board with trying it out. There is not really a time in my life where I can remember games not playing an integral role in my life and as I plan on moving forward, I have no intent for that to change.

As things currently stand, I have not been able to play many games on PC as of late due to a pretty bad power surge that fried my PC back in March. I intend to get back into the swing of things of PC soon since I have basically fixed most of the damage components that sent my computer to The Great Beyond. While my PC has been out of commission though, I have started gaming again on Console and have been recording my gameplay footage as I have been going along on my YouTube Channel “Curious Incite”. Even though the last several months have presented their own various challenges, gaming is one of the many things that has helped to make life worth living.
I do not tend to bind myself to one video game genre (the same can be said about my interest in movies, tv shows, and books as well). My favourite genre of games is games themselves, however the genre of games that I tend to play the least are shooters and sports titles.

Roughly a year ago now, I was given the opportunity to become a Co-curator in Chief’s Gaming Hell and it is through this experience that I found out that I had also developed a passion for writing game reviews. The reviews that I tend to enjoy writing are often incredibly detailed, well thought-out and at times rather long-winded. With that being said however, often times people tend to find them informative, insightful and fun to read. This is a major part of why I often put so much care into the reviews I write.

I discovered early on that Steam would not allow me to write many of my reviews in the fashion that I wanted to as a result of the word/character count restriction that this platform employs. Thus, I found that the creation of my own platform would be the only way for me to truly express the passion for writing that I would like to continue to express as I walk forward in my future.
With the start of the global pandemic I realized that there was no better time to figure out how to pursue this goal than now. While I do not have everything that I will need to fully start up my own site I am hoping to have everything that is needed for me to start this task in the near future. As I am working toward this goal, I have found that Journalism is likely the best career path for me as I continue to work toward my future goals.

So, to summarize:
1. I am a Freelance Writer that is open to taking almost any writing job that comes my way.
2. I love gaming and various forms of media-based entertainment
3. I intend to continue to writing reviews on steam through Chiefs Gaming Hell and through other platforms.
4. I am going to establish my own writing publication in the coming year.

Those are basically the three major points that I wanted to get across about myself. If you have any further questions of me, please feel free to ask. I am always open to a good conversation. Also don’t get discouraged if I do not respond to you right away, it likely just means that I have other engagements that require my attention and I will get back in contact with you as soon as I am able.
I tend to keep my profiles public so people can see the games in my library and are able to get in contact with me if they have any review suggestions (or just simply want to chat). I am open to suggestions/conversation so feel free to message me any time. I am also open to positive criticism on all of my writings (rants, chants, delusions of granger, and incoherent babble is not and will not be entertained. I have a time limit on my life span and way to many opportunities to chase).
With all that being said, I think I have eaten away at enough of your time. If you decided to take the time to read this, then Thank you for taking an interest in me.

Also, if you are interested in seeing gameplay footage for various games also feel free to check out my Youtube Channel Curious Incite. New videos post daily.

Hope you are living out a pleasant existence and trying to live out your life to the fullest.


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Finding love can be a wonderful thing; whether young or old there is just something that is truly magical about finding a bond with another. Whether it be a bond of familial love, a love brought about through friendship, or even love derived from passion, getting the chance to experience the sweet pleasure of love can be a rather joyous endeavour that one may wish to last forever. It is through developing bonds of love the people are able to work toward becoming better versions of themselves. Regardless of the pain that one may experience by forming bonds with another, each tearful encounter can bring a person one step closer to finding the person that they want to be. In Developer AsicxArt and Publisher SakuraGame 2018 release of “Fox Hime Zero” players are sent on an emotional journey with two individuals that have to work toward further deepening their bond with one another to gain a better understanding of who they truly wanted to be.


In this tale players follow the story of Yan, a young Undergraduate researcher who was enrolled in his school’s natural history program. As a part of his studies, Yan was sent to live in a log cabin in the mountains for the term to research the various plants, wildlife, geographic terrains, atmospheric conditions and weather patterns that were prevalent in this region to cartograph his findings for his professor to review during their weekly telecommunication sessions. While out on one of his daily observational exploits, Yan came across a small injured fox that was at the base of a running river stream. Feeling sorry for the fox, Yan decided to treat the fox with some medical supplies that he was carrying on him. Once he finishes giving the fox medical attention, he tided a handkerchief around the fox’s injured leg and let it run off into the forest.
A few days later while Yan is finishing his dinner for the evening in his log cabin, he hears some rustling outside his log cabins window. Being in the forest mountain preserve alone, Yan fears that there is a beast moving around outside that may be trying to brake in. This led to Yan deciding that he needed to take care of the problem now before it escalates into something worse by going to confront the creature outside his cabin. He finally builds up the courage to open the door to enter the brisk night air and upon opening the door he is greeted by a young girl that was dressed in unusual garments. The young girl introduces herself as Mori and hands him a handkerchief, thanking him for letting her use it. Perplexed by never meeting this girl before Yan ask Mori where had they met? Mori then explains to him that she was in fact the fox that he had so graciously helped by the river. In shock Yan refutes her claim as being absurd and demanded that Mori prove her claim. At this request, Mori turns into a fox before Yan and shortly after runs off into the moon lit forest. With these events, the stage has been set for both Mori and Yan as they embark on their ever-emotional journey down the road of self-discovery.

Thoughts of the Story

I found that I rather enjoyed the story that was offered in this visual novel. The main primus of this tale is the sudden development of slowly budding young love. In essence, it is a depiction of the first time that a person would experience romantic love, while also incorporating some elements of familial love at certain points in the story. This narrative is not something that I would say is very nuanced in it’s story rendering; in fact I would go as far to say that this story was quite juvenile in the narrative presentation that was offered. However, I would not say that this is a bad thing. Due to the direction that the story was driven in, I would say that this style of rendering helped to add to the tale’s overall charm as well as providing a moderately impactful reading experience that helped to further drive my interest in seeing the events that occurred throughout this tale unfold. I also find that it is worth noting that another factor that also helped to heighten my degree of interest in completing this narrative was the musical score as it help to provide a clear emotional tone which felt fitting for the events that occurred in a given panel.


Fox Hime Zero is a Romantic, Coming of Age style visual novel that fits into the genre of being a kinetic visual novel. Due to this visual novel being in the kinetic visual novel category, there are no choice-based decisions that players select; nor any underlying minigames/puzzles/games scattered throughout different points of the story. This essentially means that there are no gameplay mechanics that are present in this game. The control base mechanisms provided in this game are more reminiscent of a visual story book. The main objective of this style of visual novel is for players to simply read along through the story’s various panels and enjoy the story that is set to unfold.
With that being the case, the game still does provide a navigation menu that allows players to progress through the provided narrative. The navigation panel provided in this game provide buttons for players to Auto play through the in game dialog, Review text that has already been gone over, save your progress in the story, return to the game’s title screen, exit the game, and to adjust in game settings. This navigation panel also has the function to hide the game’s navigation panel in order for players to get a clear view of the game’s illustration. I find this to be a nicely implemented function in the game as it allows for a clear view of the illustrations in the panels without compromising the panel’s illustration.
The game’s navigation panel has three available methods of control. The methods of control are a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad with the most reliable of these three being the mouse as it allows for the player to reliably access all of the functions associated with the navigation panel with ease. As for the keyboard and gamepad, players are given a limited range of control over the navigation panel. On the keyboard I was able to reliably move forward through the game’s story panel, but I was not able to access any other navigation function. While using a gamepad to progress through the story, I was able to advance the story and view brief segments of dialog that I had read over but I could not access the game’s options menu, auto play settings, save/load panel, or a means to return to the game’s title screen/exit the game. Keeping that in mind, the overall controls for the game were relatively smooth in response to giving inputs to the navigation panel.
The story that is told in this tale is relatively short with their only being around 253 pages of text dialog in the game that is divided up in 8 chapters. Depending on the players reading speed, the game could be completed within 2 – 5 hours. This makes this a perfect game to take a few hours in the afternoon with a nice drink/snacks and just relax.


While I can not say that Fox Hime Zero offers the most in-depth of narratives, I can say that it was an enjoyable tale nevertheless. Many of the themes displayed in this narrative are told from a light-hearted perspective and not meant to be taken to seriously which I find a nice notion to consider when thinking about innocent young love. I can by no means recommend this story to you if you are looking for a highly engrossing narrative where you can intensively pick apart even the most minute of details. However, if you are looking for a quick to read story with a relaxing story narrative, then I think that Fox Hime Zero is a game that is worth considering.
Hope you found this review helpful.
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Mahō Tsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus' Bride


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