Crazy Bob
Ty Fearby   Lockport, New York, United States
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---------------:nonplussed_creep: I will make a sign for you with any pic for 5 ref! :nonplussed_creep:------------------
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I wont trade/add anyone with a trade ban or is a marked scammer

Battle Tag: TrashMouse#1640 (Only play overwatch)
League of Legends name : LP Laced Poison
Main: Singed
Pentas: 4 (singed x2, kat, and tf)
I eat ass, like the whole thing, with a spoon.
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Cocoa Puffs Jul 16 @ 8:43pm 
God your so cute lol im having trouble writing this messge cus im scared ull reject me lol ur just so fucknig huggable >w<, but ya do u wanna go out sometime lol i was thinkin maybe we can goto starbucks and we can go bird spotting together, maybe watch funny fail videos or PewDiePie on my iPhone in the coffee shop while we romantically stare at each other for hours stragiht >w< don't get me wrong i like sex but you look like the type of person i'd just romantically be with and forget all about sex and just give you a snog daily :3
*Oof* Fuego Mayo ! Jul 7 @ 12:42am 
+rep thanks for the pure offer on my gibus <3
Kritmann Jul 2 @ 7:21pm 
Thanks for the Trade.
Enjoy your item!
Instigator Apr 19 @ 6:48am 
Yo, i had you added awhile ago, was wondering if you still did coloured signs
Ţree Mar 7 @ 12:37pm 
I Bring A poem

scribbledy bibbledy hoodelly hoo
wing wang bricka bang choo choo choo
upsideup popsicle tastes like blue
ghosts in the hall go boo boo boo
I am fake Feb 15 @ 1:38pm 
added for few questions