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I'm the only Used Hat Salesman, this is the only account I own, anyone else claiming to be me is a liar and a scammer. Thanks for stopping by!
Welcome to my Office!
Welcome to the office of the famous Used Hat Salesman! I am a TF2 trader main who specializes in affordable hats, stranges, taunts, and most importantly unusuals! If you’ve found your way to my page, feel free to add me, just leave a comment explaining why! I am always willing to offer on quicksell goods, whether high end unusuals, or basic unique hats!

I buy and sell all sorts of interesting items, with only a couple of exceptions!

Used Hat's Key Points:

1. I'm a for profit trader. Long as I can turn a buck I'll likely be interested in whatever you're looking to do. On the flip side. Don't try to sell me items at full price unless I reach out to you first with an interest to buy. Neither of us want our time wasted and our day ruined!

2. I don't generally quicksell my items as I'm very rarely low on pure. In the rare case I am low on pure, I'll usually just sell one of my aussies or another liquid item rather than burn potential profit quickselling unusuals. Please don't offer to quickbuy, as per above you're just wasting time. Thank you!

3. I'm the only Used Hat. People sometimes pretend to be me. Don't let them fool you. If someone else with my name adds you, block them immediately.

4. I reserve the right to turn down an item, no matter how good or bad of a deal it is. My word's final.

5. I don't do cash trading. Nor do I have an interest in starting down that line. Been trading for 8 years now without it and item trading as a hobby suits me fine.

6. I don't take any of this trading mumbo jumbo too seriously. Long as we are both having a good time, then that's enough for me.

Links and Info:
Discord: Used Hat Salesman#1184
Trade Offer Link: Link
Backpack.tf: Link [backpack.tf]
Steam Rep: Link [steamrep.com]
Rep.tf: Link [rep.tf]
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Here’s but a taste of the many items I have on tap today! But don’t you worry, my selection is wide and incredibly varied, and I very likely have just what you're looking for. Even if you don't quite know what that is yet. I sell a wide variety of Cosmetics, Hats, Taunts, and many other less commonly dealt in items, I don’t just sell unusuals after all! But speaking of them, many a tf2 player has come into my office and left with the hat of their dreams. Who knows? You might be the latest to!
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Welcome to the official group of Used Hat Salesmann!
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Cinder Mar 10 @ 9:02pm 
You're funny. It was fun to play with you, gamer!
Skooster Mar 10 @ 9:02pm 
+rep, masive ♥♥♥♥ and funny
fostalicska2800 Mar 8 @ 9:09am 
Added for trade
added about a trade
Toasty Feb 28 @ 9:40am 
Add me, looking to trade.
AgentDuck Feb 26 @ 2:31pm 
+rep fast and nice trader :b1: respect