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Your insolence will be your undoing if you do not read this info box.
📋 Name: Only close friends may know
📋 Age: 19
📋 Gender: Male ♂
📋 Birthday: 21st April

General Information:
Like everyone else who has an account on Steam, I love playing games.
My favorite genres are Shooters, Action, Adventure and Horror. I love anything that is something mentioned, shown or talked about a specific genre that is familiar to me. I'm a proud westaboo member and will indeed show my strong likings to anything related to such interests like Anime, Manga and American Culture. Needless to say, I truly believe that tomboys is in fact a god's rare gift to the internet.

Due to an excess amount of bot invites, friend collectors and traders only looking to buying my entire TF2 backpack, I will not accept random friend requests and group invites unless you leave a comment explaining why you are adding me. I have trouble starting conversations so you will have to be the one to get my attention. I am not an outgoing person because of my reserved personality and will avoid any unnecessary dramas, troubles and problems.

I do not like to barge in carelessly or join peoples lobbies as I have stated earlier before, unless if I ask for permission or an invite. The conclusion is to be humble and use common sense, it is the key to build both good friendship, respect and treat every video game player with polite manner.

If we've known each other for a while and you seem to be good on my side, you don't need to comment a reason. Please do not add me if you're collecting friends, gain trust straight away or flex on others with the huge amount of friends you have, add me as a friend only if you are looking forward to talk, play games together or want to do any fun activities.

No, I am NOT selling my account, my entire TF2 inventory or anything like that.
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may we meet again elsewhere
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Kamiko Apr 21 @ 1:06pm 
Happy birthday!
Sensuka Apr 21 @ 5:51am 
herpie birthday 2 me:sans:
Bean Apr 20 @ 7:38pm 
happy older day :rbrbu2:
Bjoern90 Apr 19 @ 2:58pm 
idk if you want but i wanna add you back as friend.. just like old times..
Sensuka Nov 11, 2023 @ 1:42pm 
FiveSeven Nov 11, 2023 @ 1:40pm 
                OR YOU WILL BE IGNORED