Okami Tomato
Jack   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:tomato: Resident TF2, Minecraft, PvZ, Pokemon and Terraria nerd :tomato:

If you see '[]' around my name it's a joke name. Normal one's Okami Tomato if you met me when I was using one of said joke names :P

( ' ')

In case you came here looking for actual information I have nothing interesting to say, sadly. All I can offer are some random useless statistics.

Highest Current TF2 killstreaks:
1: Demoknight (Eyelander) 32
2: Engineer (Fronter Justice, Pistol, Wrench) 28
3: Soldier (Original) 28
4: Pyro (Phlog) 27
5: Pyro (Phlog) 27
MvM Killstreaks:
1: Engineer (Wrench) 242
2: Heavy (Brass Beast) 148
3: Demoman (Grenade Launcher) 134

Personal Missions:
Level 61/?? -Get a grand total of 12,000,000 points across all stranges: 10181069/12000000
Level 13/15 -Get lil' Jack's score to a total of 50,000: 44890/50000
Level 4/5 - Get Scout's strange points over 250,000: 262343/500000
Level 5/5 - Get Demoman's strange points over 500,000: 566022/1000000
Level 5/5 - Get Heavy's strange points over 500,000: 660564/1000000
Level 5/5 - Get Engineer's strange points over 1,000,000: 717181/1000000
Level 4/5 - Get Medic's strange points over 500,000: 291810/500000
Level 4/5 - Get Sniper's strange points over 250,000: 489954/500000

Total Score: 208,400
(Base rules: level = milestones in missions, score earned = level x 100 (extra +1000 if whole mission set is finished))
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Hi! (^ ^ )
Decided that, since this profile message box thing is kinda old now, that I'd make a new one. Tbh should've probably done it ages ago since I started branching out a little, but better late than never I guess.

---===[Places to find me:]===---
Steam: Okami Tomato
-Might be using a different, usually joke name, indicated by '[]' around it
-Main place to find me in my natural habitat, honestly :P
-Scourge of the TModLoader community page
Discord: Okami Tomato#8554
-Not as active DM-wise here most of the time
-Probably easiest to just find me in the Mod of Redemption Discord server where I try to be active
-I'm alright with being @'ed here, just don't spam it :P
Twitter: @OkamiTomato
-New thing, only just started using it at the end of January
-Mainly just posting art there, though a lot of it is here, too
-I still know basically nothing about Twitter ( , ,)

---===[Important-ish Bits:]===---
-If you want to add me on Steam or Discord please gimme a heads-up in the comments or in DMs. Lot of scammers around and admittedly my Steam friends list is getting a lil' cluttered
-If you want to make requests I guess just write in my Steam profile comments or something. It's not an organised system honestly. I don't do paid commissions yet but I do a fair chunk of the requests I get, though, so long as it's something I'm interested in :P
-[Teleport Bread] was also just me, too, for the few hundred people I've tormented on 2Fort in the past
-...the next Terraria: Boss Ideas page is still being worked on...
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EoL Gaming
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Captain Jun 16 @ 8:38am 
Imagine asking/telling someone who you’ve never interacted with before to draw something of/for you without even offering a form of payment.
King K. Rool #SaveTF2 Jun 16 @ 7:42am 
Also can you draw Waffle Time Crumpling Skeletron Prime into a ball of metal with the hatred of a thousand burning suns?
King K. Rool #SaveTF2 Jun 16 @ 7:39am 
Good... Now draw King K. Rool down smashing Pikachu. Also please don't feminize my smash main.
KittyHotdogGamer Jun 8 @ 4:53pm 
np :)
Okami Tomato Jun 8 @ 4:19pm 
Thanks 'v'
KittyHotdogGamer Jun 8 @ 12:04pm 
you make good art keep it up man :steamthumbsup: