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(Be sure to type an actual reason though. Comments like ''I add you to tell you something very important'' will not be accepted as a reason for you to be added. Don't be afraid of the public or go home)

A :

Why are you playing TF2 only, if you have some other good games too?
I do play this game just because I like it, even after 7 years of playing it.

Where are you from? How old are you?
Homeland: Russia. Age - 22 (Birthday - October 1st)

What class do you main?
No mains. Trying to improve at everything at once. A very slow process if you ask me .

Why are you, well, not always playing that good for your 7000 hours?
5+ years of MvM and trading, about 2 years of learning competitive - still a very long way to go (especially with 30-60 fps of mine) .

Are you playing TF2Center?
Yes, but very rarely, mostly to hang around with friends. No comms = no competitive.

Who is your favorite professional player?
Simply Flippy le Sniper (Team 'Frenchies' in i49, 'nerdRage' in i55, 'Epsilon eSports' in 'Challanger cup' and 'DreamhackWinter 2015'). One of the only few players who have managed to show the absolute dominance and consistency as sniper on the highest level of 6s.

Your TF2 inventory is Are you spending that much money on the ... game?!
If you consider the price of my inventory including the MvM tours, you can easily guess that I just simply couldn't have that much money. This huge inventory is the result of 5 year of Trading on various accounts, good unboxes in the past and having the Golden pan sold. Of course I was putting in some of my own money, but I think it wasn't more than 250 euros in like 4 years. Mostly to buy MvM tickets when I had some extra free money to spend

Can I ask you for free stuff?
You can ask, but you will most likely not get it (Unless I know you well enough).

Can I add you as Friend?
For that you need to write a comment with the reason of you adding me. The other easy way is to just have a game with me. Should I agree to have you in my friendlist, I can accept you once you invite me. I'm never sending adding requests by myself.

What's your HUD?

Are you a YTer?
Not yet. I have an youtube channel, but it's only for keeping previews.

Alright, I think this is a fine general Stuff. I will fill this section with more questions, as soon as I will get more. Stay tuned, enjoy your life.

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if you are ok with that, Contact me
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Its hawk, if you still remember, I have changed my account:)