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Early Access Review
Played this game on my own PVE server with pretty forgiving settings and about 20 other people. With the default settings it's definitely a teamwork-based game to take down bosses. Especially in the beginning since your gear score doesn't really give a good reference of your skill.

Best Early Access game I can recall playing in recent history. Polished, well-made, great animations, tight attacks and skills. Each weapon has a specific set of attacks and are well-balanced against each other.

The building is fun and not too cumbersome (grindy) to spend time on. The concept of soul stones for the first time end-game bosses are killed (unique to the server) and that they can be added to your base and used by your clan is pretty refreshingly new.

Granted, the game as a way to go before I would say it's done. But, they have a really great running start here.
Posted May 27.
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Early Access Review
I've tried multiple times to get into this game, we've created multiple servers and tried to run them dedicated (which was tricky enough on its own) and get JUST THE RIGHT SETTINGS. But, the outcome is always the same.

It's just kind of a glitchy, overly complicated, hot mess. Even the things it has going for it end up working against it. Like the healing and health assessment. Why does it have to be so complicated? You have a booboo, ok. Use a bandage.

Crafting is a nightmare along with inventory management as you're limited by the type of clothing you're wearing on what specific things you can carry. It's... again, far too overly complicated.

Swimming is absolutely broken too. Fall in the water? You better get ready to try to "walk" away on the bottom and then get rubberbanded right back where you were until your lungs "take enough damage". I mean... an oxygen bar would have been fine, but let's overcomplicate YET ANOTHER THING.

Want to sneak and do a sneak attack on someone with a melee weapon? Sorry, no. You can't perform melee attacks while crouched... at all.

It's almost like they tried to make an RPG, then tried to make a FPS then tried to somehow smash the two together.

Hopefully it gets better, but... the core mechanics of the game are what's flawed here. Get scratched by a zombie? Be prepared to bleed out 10-30% of your health.

Plus, some of the mechanics are outright juvenile like having to urinate. They could have spent less time on that and more time on ... well, anything else.
Posted May 16. Last edited May 16.
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Early Access Review

No tutorial, no info, no background, not even a concept of how to put things together or how to do any driving like the gameplay videos show... especially when you don't even HAVE A CAR to start with.

But... walking was nice I guess?

Not going to recommend a game that doesn't give you any information on how to play it and/or expects you to go elsewhere to find information or gameplay from other players to figure it out.

Especially if a game is in Early Access and you aren't even given enough information to TEST THE GAME.
Posted May 16.
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Early Access Review
This is such a great game.

I'll talk about the game and I'll talk about the game in multiplayer on a dedicated server (as it is now).

First, this is a game that is an amalgamation of so many other genres smashed into the perfect mixture of crafting, building (yes, base building), upgrading, enchanting, exploring, bossing, modding (has workshop support), farming (yes, has automation), looting, PETS (yes, you can tame animals and even some people), survival (you have to eat for food and for buffs), magic (some great spells so far), melee, unarmed and even KATANA style combat.

Its animations are solid, the gameplay is tight, the controls feel great and the collision tables are even well done which is strange for a game this early-on in EA.

The bosses are DISTINCT and varied by more than just some color (most MMOs or RPGs are guilty of this).

The types of islands (important since some bosses that have specific drops/enchants can only be found on specific islands) can be rerolled pretty early-on in single-player. In multiplayer you can't change the islands short of wiping the server, but the new seamless map update should fix the need to do that anyway.

Enchanting is RNG unless you want to spend enchanting points which you get from many different sources.

The only limitations in multiplayer with a dedicated server are that you can't change the map, currently there is no way to specify an admin (which is fine since you can only join through an IP anyway), there is no PVP option nor any steam server support. Addons are currently client-side only which isn't really a problem since the server recognizes the input from the player instead of enforcing the mechanics.

All-in-all this is going to be an amazingly fun game when it's complete. But, if you're looking for your open-world crafting fix, this will definitely get you there even though it's not complete yet.
Posted March 26.
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This is a spiritual successor to the first (and best) Dark Souls.

Add the ability to actually JUMP, a far more OPEN world, no stamina to run, a horse and teleport between savepoints right off the bat.

They really listened when the last DS kind of tanked because they went the wrong way with the series.

They still have upgrading you can do on your own at save points (offered early in the game) up to a certain level, then a readily accessible smith to do the rest (at the roundtable), self-craftable items, TONS of bosses (some with no build up to know you need to get ready), a HUGE map to explore.

I didn't have any of the issues that the negative reviews talked about as far as hardware problems.

Great game and definitely worth the time.
Posted March 5.
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So.. A zombie game!

What did we like about Dying light 1?

The firearms, the upgrading of firearms, the firearms skill tree, the harpoon movement and the storyline.

What did we get in Dying light 2?

Parkour and melee.

I'm thinking this wasn't a very well thought-out plan.
Posted February 3. Last edited February 12.
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Early Access Review
This game has potential.

Having said that, taking it as it is (It's still in Early Access) I would say it's a definite "no".

There is:
no progression (points, leveling, money nor anything that is static between missions)
no RPG elements
no connection to your character
no Development of backstory, history or even mission elements

If you want a quick shoot-em-up with very restrictive rules and environments with more realism than there should be in a game with nothing else to lean on, then this is your game.
Posted January 1.
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Early Access Review
Great proof-of-concept for a real MMO or single-player game. But, it's little more than that at this point.

Since the last update was in June of 2017 there's a very good chance this game won't be seeing any more progress or updates.

So, taking this for what it is: It's not worth your time. Progress cuts off at some point and the storyline doesn't really exist.

So, not taking it on it's amazing POTENTIAL (that won't be reached) you have to say this is a non-recommend unless you just want to go see a tech-demo of possibilities for RPGs/MMOs in VR.
Posted December 31, 2021. Last edited December 31, 2021.
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One of the best games I've played in a long time.

The graphics were great, the gameplay was tight, the story was compelling and interesting, there were zombies of different types, the difficulty ramped up appropriately as the story progressed along with the type of weapons and upgrades you get could get, there were SEVERAL camps you unlocked with story progression that allowed you to gain rep and "camp credits" to buy better weapons, gear and motorcycle upgrades.

Completionists will be happy to know that there are some really, really good rewards for achieving milestones in various things like horde hunting.

The cons:
The primary character (Deacon St. John) had a voice actor that ranged from pointlessly off-script in terms of intonation to completely, annoyingly immersion breaking and cringe-worthy. There were times when the acting was good (when what he was saying was lining up with how he was saying it) and others when it was just way overacted or shallow. Very rarely did he actually hit the mark and at times I had to wonder if he was yawning while talking or trying to indicate that he was tired or... no idea. It was bad at times.

The whole addition of a l*sbian relationship was pointless, added nothing to the game and was annoyingly pandering. Stop with the normalization...

The quest markers were bugged in some locations, mostly because of doing things early like killing hordes before scripted quest events, etc. They usually fixed themselves after a bit.

Hordes were annoyingly AWOL in some situations due to progression walls and story interaction with no way of knowing why they weren't spawning.

Shotgun range was horribly limited. Not because of the spread of pellets, but programmed to have no more than a 20 foot range. They often felt like you were just shooting blanks.

Walking in the missions (especially with other characters) was agonizingly slow. My opinion.

All in all it was a great story, a good ending and even a decent soundtrack.
Posted November 9, 2021. Last edited November 9, 2021.
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Reviewed on a I9-10900KF, RTX 3090 and 128GB RAM

I'm not understanding why the reviews are so bad. This is an amazing game. Plays as smooth as silk and I haven't had any issues at all trying to connect, play or retrieve my data.

I think people are reviewing their ability to stay connected to the server or their hardware issues instead of the game itself.

The story is really compelling. The ending... leaves a bit to be desired.

There is end-game content though (finding pods which are timed challenge areas).

I like the crafting aspect, modification, upgrading and modding of weapons and armor. It really allows you to focus on a specific build.

The skills are great and are an integral part of the game play even end-game.

My only complaint is the TAB function for tracking the next quest is sometimes completely broken if you haven't unlocked an area with the main quests yet.
Posted April 9, 2021. Last edited April 14, 2021.
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