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This is my cool extra simfphys features addon. It is probably very badly written since I am not a coder and I don't know what I'm doing 90% of the time, so please excuse any performance issues. (Although I did testing and it doesn't seem to affect performa
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Created by - Randy
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[h1]Pack of all L4D2/1 vehicles in SimfPhys[/h1]
Does not need L4D2 installed or mounted to work

[h1]For those who can read:[/h1]
The "Randy's Extra Features" addon is not required . It is marked as required only because 99% of workshop users ca
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Created by - Randy
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what could he be workin on now
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Train Ride
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Forixiom Ovixas 21 hours ago 
Of course. Thank you.
Randy 22 hours ago 
well none of them are really my models then, they are ports, you can use them as long as you give credit to me (for porting)
Forixiom Ovixas Sep 21 @ 11:55am 
Vehicles, like the GTA vehicles for gmod and the L4D2 trailers with extra textures.
Randy Sep 21 @ 12:18am 
which models
Forixiom Ovixas Sep 20 @ 2:04pm 
Hey man. Can I use your models in my L4D2 maps? I'll credit you in the description.
Shadow Pendragon Sep 9 @ 5:57pm 
Your GTA IV helicopters addon aint working. it just gives me this every time i spawn it
"[[LFS] GTA IV Helicopters] lua/entities/lfs_gta4_polmav/cl_init.lua:143: attempt to call method 'GetEngineActive' (a nil value)
1. unknown - lua/entities/lfs_gta4_polmav/cl_init.lua:143"