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This is my cool extra simfphys features addon. It is probably very badly written since I am not a coder and I don't know what I'm doing 90% of the time, so please excuse any performance issues. (Although I did testing and it doesn't seem to affect performa
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Created by - Randy
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Pack of all L4D2/1 vehicles in SimfPhys Does not need L4D2 installed or mounted to work For those who can read: The "Randy's Extra Features" addon is not required. It is marked as required only because 99% of workshop users cannot read This addon works bet
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Created by - Randy
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what could he be workin on now
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Train Ride
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OberstRudel Jul 16 @ 5:40am 
Can you Make ETS 2 Vehicles
JojiteFoxxo Jul 12 @ 5:50pm 
yeah, it was gmdoom
JojiteFoxxo Jul 12 @ 5:48pm 
might happen cus i have gmdoom installed
JojiteFoxxo Jul 12 @ 5:47pm 
[[LVS] - Framework] lua/lvs_framework/autorun/lvs_hookers.lua:100: attempt to index local 'ply' (a nil value)
1. v - lua/lvs_framework/autorun/lvs_hookers.lua:100
2. Call - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:96
3. Filter - lua/doom/properties/keys.lua:13
4. OpenEntityMenu - lua/includes/modules/properties.lua:81
5. OnScreenClick - lua/includes/modules/properties.lua:98
6. v - lua/includes/modules/properties.lua:217
7. Run - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:96
8. unknown - gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/spawnmenu/contextmenu.lua:155

i cant post this on the official simfphys addon so ill just post it here.
wars4429 May 25 @ 10:43am 
How do I get the simfphys tab on my spawn page?
ReptilePython May 19 @ 10:39am