Justin   Babylon, New York, United States
Name(s): ? (found on Other gmod servers. CSGO (skin supplier) and Governor of Poker 3)
Justin (found on Quebec Games murder servers, CSGO, UNO, etc)
Age: 19
Yes, there are 2 different account users.

Friending for reasons involving CSGO will most likely get you blocked. I do not play faceit or do any trading, so don't friend me for these reasons.

Schizotypal on Overwatch 2
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Counter-Strike 2
Just some info.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Name: Justin
Location: Islip, New York (No, I'm not from europe. Why do I play on eurpean servers a lot? I don't know the answer to that question).
First time playing Gmod: August 2011
First visit to QCG: October 2018
First time playing CSGO: January 2020

QCG Stats (May be outdated):
Murderer's Arena (MA): Level 213, Administrator + Gold Donor
Quebec Murder (FR): Level 257, Administrator + Amethyst Donor. Former Highest level from August 2019 to May 2020 and briefly in July 2019
Doki Doki Murder (EU): Level 274, Administrator + Gold Donor.

Mythics unboxed (For anybody who cares): AWP Paw (EU), AWP Maho (EU), AWP Nepgear (FR), AWP Uni (EU), AWP Containment Breach (MA), Navaja Flowers (FR), AWP Containment Breach (EU), SSG08 Cerebrum (Test), Ursus Flowers (Test), AWP Maho (Test), Stat Bayonet Divergence (Test), AWP Uni (Test), AWP Maho (FR), R8 Curse (FR), Stat Bayonet Divergence (EU), Stat R8 Curse (FR), Stat Bayonet Flowers (EU), M9 Abyss (FR), AWP Maho (EU), AWP Uni (MA), Stat M9 Divergence (MA), Stat Huntsman Flowers (MA)

Hobbies (outside of gaming): Bass guitar as well as normal guitar (Current Instruments: Ibanez GSR200, Rouge X Series III Fretless, Acoustic Bass, Ibanez GSR206, Grote Cobra 12 String, PyleUSA Resonator, Sterling Music Man Stingray Ray5HH, EVH Frankenstrat copy, PRS Custom 24 Floyd, Schecter Hellraiser C9, Ibanez BTB747)
Kempo: 2016-2019 (Retired due to injury)
Bands I listen to: Way too many (Primarily anything among Hard Rock to Black/Death metal) Favorite band: Viraemia.

Favorite Group
Québec Games - Public Group
More than just a simple game mode
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183 hrs on record
last played on Feb 21
10,044 hrs on record
last played on Feb 19
50 hrs on record
last played on Feb 19
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