Justin   Babylon, New York, United States
Name(s): ? (found on ?)
Justin (found on Quebec Games murder servers, CSGO, UNO, etc)
Age: 17
Yes, there are 2 different account users.

I won't accept your friend request for the following reasons
>I dislike you as a person (You'd know why I do if this is the case)
>I've never played with you or I don't know who you are (Just don't even try adding me if this is the case)
>You have a recent VAC/Game ban (less than 100 days ago)
>Your account looks or is new (Steam level 0, no Profile pic, ETC)
>You have a scamming link in your profile (I always check for this, even if I know who you are. If you do have this on your profile, you will be reported to steam officials).
>Your account is private (Please mention in the comments below why the account if private, and I will remove the message once I see it).

I will remove you from my friends list for the following reasons
>You have started being rude to me (1 or 2 situations will not cause this to happen)
>You have been offline for a very long period of time (Keeping your profile offline will apply to this if I don't know about it)
>You have been VAC/Game banned while you were in my friends list (Notify me why you have been banned if you wish to stay on my friend's list)
>You have been hacked (You will need to contact me on an external software (EX: Discord) If you wish to be refriended.
>The account you friended me with is an Alt (I'll keep the profile added if I'm not friended with your main or if the alt is associated with something important)
>You only friended me to try and get free items (first off, I don't do anything like this unless I stand to gain, and If you're joking with me, please make it obvious).
>You are part of or a leader of a group of people harassing other players (I am entirely against Trolling or provoking of any sort, and will notice if you are becoming like this).
>Need to free up my friends list and you aren't very close with me
>Just messing around (I'll send you back a friend request within 5-10 minutes, or maybe by the next day if this is the case).
You may contact me through my discord or steam DMs about something like this if it occurs to you, but Don't expect an answer to it.

If I do not respond to your DM or ignore it, here are some reasons:

>I felt uncomfortable with the message (If it comes off as Threatening, Scam-like, or Sexual, then this will be the main reason).
>I looked at the DM and forgot to reply to it (If you think this is the reason why, you may DM me the question, again).
>I couldn't come up with a reasonable reply (If the message was incomprehensible, demanding, or strange, it'll cause this).
>The DM did not come through to me (This would be your fault more than mine).
>I have you blocked (Continuously doing things along the lines of the first reason will definitely cause this to happen).

If you have questions as to why I have so many restrictions with my friends list and DMs, you may contact me.

The restrictions may also be entirely ignored if I chose to for whatever reason.
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Garry's Mod
Just some info.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Name: Justin
Location: Babylon, New York (No, I'm not from europe. Why do I play on eurpean servers a lot? I don't know the answer to that question).
First time playing Gmod: August 2011
First visit to QCG: November 2018
First time playing CSGO: January 2020
Current setup: Tecknet wireless Mouse, Sony basic headset, HP Laptop, Razer Seiren Mini Microphone.
AVG FPS in Gmod: 60-110
AVG FPS in CSGO: 30-70

Hobbies (outside of gaming): Bass guitar as well as normal guitar, Used to do Kempo.
Bands I listen to: Way too many (Primarily anything among Hard Rock to Black/Death metal) Some will be listed below, but not all, since I'll be here for months.

Archspire, Gojira, Rammstein, Intervals, Cattle Decapitation, Tool, Metallica, Slipknot, Rage, Lamb of God, System of a Down, Origin, Cryptopsy, Dark Funeral, Deicide, Gorgoroth, Behemoth, Necrophagist, Manowar, Motorhead, Watain, Emperor, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cannibal Corpse, Conquering Dystopia, Death, Dream Theater, Infant Annihilator, Nile, Mayhem, Belphegor, Primus, RHCP, Arcturus.
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Québec Games - Public Group
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thanks man i really like this places xD
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i have no idea how i got here :3
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+rep really nice guy
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Little cute stinker :heartx::beezz:
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