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It would be appreciated if you comment on my profile why you would like to add me before adding me otherwise most of the time I won't accept it.

GFL(Games For Life) is an ever expanding gaming community. Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand pick all of our admins, and take pride in having the best team to keep your servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily. Feel free to apply for membership if you haven't already!
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soolee. 16 hours ago 
Kony 2012 Feb 11 @ 10:48pm 
what the ♥♥♥♥ rick still
twitch.tv/charmayy Feb 9 @ 4:49pm 
Howdy partner, this is your boy charmayy coming in to tell you you're a silly goose
Le Quack Feb 4 @ 12:01pm 
Because rick is the 2nd best character from the walking dead aside form daryl.
NoOne Feb 3 @ 12:49pm 
I need help thats why
Kite9867 Dec 29, 2018 @ 7:50pm 
Allie says ur gay lol