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I know this may be hard to believe and all, but you only exist because we allow it.

Hi, I'm renamon, an artist of sorts....I do create a lot of stuff, I love making friends
feel free to add me to know me more.
I also go by renamod.
I play a ton of runescape.
My runescape username is: Renamon.
My homeworld is 86.
My in game combat level is 138
I currently have this many 99's: Maxed.
I have obtained the Completionist cape: 2 Times
If you need to contact me feel free to add me
I love digimon
I really like cookies...and Creating things!
I know where you all live....

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:catpaw:You should visit my website! :catpaw:

Total understanding don't seem to mean a thing
When you can't see behind the silver screen, a figurine
I've questioned all the voices in my head
Are they mine or have I been misled?
Take a breath before it's all erased away
Is truth only what we belive is real?
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noone May 8 @ 11:36pm 
I appreciate you :GoldenPugAward:
noone May 8 @ 11:32pm 
I am here
Dead Apr 29 @ 5:40pm 
will you marry me?
Renamon Apr 29 @ 4:15pm 
i'm okay with that, love you too.
Dead Apr 29 @ 11:33am 
nope but you must belive me when i say i love you
Renamon Apr 28 @ 11:45pm 
do I know you?